Ah, yes. The great American Southwest. Rolling deserts, mountain ranges, and beautiful beaches as far as the eye can see. There’s nothing like a Texas to California road trip!

Getting out of your cramped Houston abode to see your portion of the country can be a great road trip. But, before you get rolling on the road, there’s some things you might be interested in while planning your trip to California and back.

So, here’s what to consider checking out on your Texas to California road trip.


The Southwest is home to some of the most beautiful national parks in the entire country.

Between seeing the Arches in Utah and the Grand Canyon in Arizona, there’s all kind of wonderful spots to check out – so you can take that perfect insta-selfie.

When taking the I-10 West to California from Texas, you’ll find plenty of stops along the way. So, take a few hours and gander at the natural beauty of the Southwest.


Driving through the Southwest will take you through small towns teeming with culture. With culture, comes delicious food.

Take a pit stop in a town to taste test some food you might not have the chance to try in Houston. There’s lots of restaurants between Texas and California, so you could find just about anything.

You’ll be traveling along the border, so check out some authentic Mexican dishes.


Instead of driving past those bizarre small shops on the side of the road, make a pit stop and check out what’s for sale.

You’ll be finding all kinds of unusual and quant shops in the Southwest. Make sure you pack lightly so you can stack your car full of souvenirs you collect along the way. You’ll be glad you made the extra room for gifts and trinkets.

You might find something extremely strange that you could show off to friends when you get back. Who doesn’t want to see something from a mysterious side road shop?


By taking a small detour off I-10 West, you’ll have the chance to find one of the most beautiful towns in the Southwest.

Pasadena is home to exotic wildlife, captivating sights, and gorgeous greenery that you won’t get anywhere else in the country. This cozy town is a popular spot for people to visit and it has great culture.


If you’re going to Northern California, make sure to take a day stop in Los Angeles. From major tourist destinations such as Hollywood to the nightlife and its culture, Los Angeles has something you’ll find entertaining.

You can check out one of the famous museums or get cut off by a celebrity in traffic. It’s the entertainment capital of the world. You can’t not be entertained!


How could we almost forget the most important part of the entire trip?

It doesn’t matter if you are driving more than 2,000 miles or under 30 kilometers on your road trip, you must be prepared to encounter some dangerous drivers out there. Always drive safe, which includes not being distracted by the sites!

It also means be aware of the speed limit and traffic laws of each state you aren’t familiar with. You do not want to end up taking a TX defensive driving course to dismiss a ticket. Be prepared and display some of the best defensive driving Houston will ever see. Not just Houston, but New Mexico, Arizona, and California.