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California Traffic School by the IMPROV Comedy Team was Founded Over 20 Years Ago!

Our alliance with the World-Famous Improv Comedy Club makes our dmv licensed traffic school Fun, Fast, and Effective.

Our unique and entertaining traffic school has won several honors and recognition from both our students and the media, resulting in IMPROV being named "Best California Traffic School" year after year.

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Voted 'Best California Traffic School'

We've been honored with countless awards from students and media alike, including ‘Best Traffic School in California.’ Our course is easy, fun and fast!

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Running close to your due date? Complete California traffic school online up until midnight of your deadline and we’ll get your certificate filed with the DMV & Court.

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1) The California online traffic school should be licensed by the DMV and accepted by all courts.

Be wary of national providers that may not be licensed in California. The last thing you want to be doing is to spending your entire day earning a traffic school certificate to remove your traffic ticket that isn’t accepted by all courts and won’t help you remove points from your driving record.

2) Be certain that the traffic school offers same-day reporting and processing.

Choosing the right DMV licensed California traffic school with same-day processing and reporting is critical if you are running tight on time. You want to go with an online traffic school that will automatically submit your completion certificate to the California DMV & court the very same day that you complete the traffic school course to avoid delays.

3) Fees For California traffic school should be all-inclusive.

You will find that lots of traffic schools are offering sub-par online courses for a very small fee, just to find out that you will be required to pay several other hidden charges. This can include processing, reporting, mailing, and other sneaky fees they throw in there to get what you actually need to complete and pass your traffic school. Be certain that the total price is disclosed upfront so you know exactly what you are getting for that too-good-to-be low price. On average the price for a DMV-licensed online traffic school in California is between $19 to $30.

4) Ensure the California online traffic school reports your completion certificate to the CA court & Department of Motor Vehicles DMV for FREE.

You want to find a traffic school that will submit your completion certificate to the DMV/court. The last thing you want after you’ve completed traffic school is to spend another day trying to submit your certificate to the DMV/court.

5) Traffic school should allow you the ability to complete the course at your own pace.

Courses with timers force you to stay on the page whether you finished the material or not. Courses with no timers allow you to complete the exam at your own pace. If you select a school with timers, it’s important to find out how difficult the final exam is and if you can retake it for free if you don’t pass the first time. You want the easiest chapter quiz that is multiple choice and a school that offers unlimited retakes.

6) The traffic school course offered should be mobile ready and compatible across devices.

Seeking the best online traffic school course that is mobile compatible and can be accessed across any device provides the most convenience and best user experience. IMPROV Traffic School's cross-device courses will allow you to start on a mobile device, then continue working on your desktope, then come back to your mobile phone. You will want to be able to work through the course on any device at any location that is most convenient to you.

We definitely pride ourselves on offering the best value in the entire traffic school industry and only offer 100% inclusive pricing online with ZERO hidden fees. The IMPROV's promise to you is to never include any surprise last minute fees and to provide you with the lowest all-inclusive price for the easiest and best traffic school course on the market bottom line. To give you the most accurate price for the course you need, please Select The Right Online Course first and answer a few discovery questions to make sure you don’t select the wrong class.

Yes! Our online traffic school California is licensed by the California DMV and accepted by each and every CA Court, to meet your state specific traffic school requirements. License number is E1515.

You bet you can! We automatically report all California traffic school course completions electronically as soon as you finish the course. If you can complete the course by 11:59pm Pacific Time on your due date, we will take care of the rest to ensure you get right credit with the California DMV and the court.

Yes. Once you complete our traffic school course online, we take care of the rest. No additional action is required on your part.

As part of your traffic school's online and all-inclusive pricing, we electronically submit your completion certificate to the California DMV immediately upon completion. DMV in turn notifies your court and you are done.

Based on current California DMV rules, our traffic school course is designated to provide 400 minutes of curriculum and instruction (total of 6 hours & 40 minutes). However, our online traffic school class curriculum is self-paced, and it’s really up to you how fast you can work through the material. You will go through the course at the pace you feel comfortable, complete the final exam, and then you are done.

No. Our online course curriculum is self-paced and there are no timers! Without timers, it largely depends on how quickly YOU can go through the course material.

There are only six chapters in the IMPROV Online Traffic School course. There are 3 quiz questions at the end of each chapter which will help in preparation of the final exam (completion).

Over 97% of all students pass on the first try. But if you need it, DMV allows us to give you a second final quiz, which we offer for free online. It’s open book, with 25 multiple-choice questions. You can do this!

The IMPROV traffic school is 100% accessible across any device. You can start and complete our courses on any desktop,tablet or mobile device. There are no special downloads required comprising your security. We provide a fantastic mobile user experience and are always working for the best customer experience possible.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) allows drivers to take traffic school only once within an 18 month period from violation date to violation date.

The court may approve traffic school for a driver with a commercial driver’s license if the eligible offense occurred in a noncommercial vehicle. After completion of an approved program by a driver with a commercial driver’s license, a conviction will appear on the driving record at the DMV, but a point will not appear for the offense. Commercial Drivers must call to have their driver's license corrected. For additional information contact the Driver Safety Unit at (916) 657-6525.

We Are Your California Traffic School Online

Have you recently damaged your once-spotless driving record during heavy traffic on the 405 or 1-10? We offer traffic school to drivers with minor one-time offenses.

Whether you were speeding or ran a stop sign, our online course can help get these kinds of marks off your record and mask your traffic ticket. As a result, you can avoid high car insurance rates and save a lot of money in the long run.

We help drivers in Sacramento, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orange County and the surrounding areas complete traffic school successfully.

Complete Driving School from Home

Our traffic school classes are 100% online. You can complete it from home at your own pace. Our online course is compatible across all devices, including phones, desktops, and tablets. Never worry about losing your progress or having a subpar user experience.

With our online course, you can go as fast or as slow as you find comfortable. Some of our drivers have even completed it the night before their due dates.

As long as you complete the course material and pass the final exam before 11:59 Pacific Time on your due date, we’ll get your points taken off of your DMV record!

With us, there’s never any follow-up on your part. You simply absorb the material and take the exam. Once we see you have passed the exam, we’ll send the results to the California DMV. From there, the DMV will alert your court, and you’ll be off the hook.

Pass On Your First Try

Do tests sound intimidating? Are you worried about passing your first try? You shouldn’t be! Our traffic school test is 25 questions long, and it’s open-book. You’ll feel well-prepared for it thanks to our digestible curriculum. Most of our drivers pass the exam on their first go-around, so you shouldn’t have any issues. If the occasion calls for it, we will offer a second final quiz free of charge.

Don’t allow detrimental points to stick around on your DMV record. Get started with our traffic school today. We’ll get you safely driving back on the PHC and Golden Gate Bridge in no time!