Defensive Driving course

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Gone are the days when you were required to take in-person driving courses. Now, most states will allow you to get your certificate of completion online. Take advantage of the mobile, do-anywhere online course, and complete it at your own pace.

About our Defensive Driving course

While the actual online defensive driving curriculum of the course will vary depending on the state you reside in; you'll still cover the basic fundamentals that traffic school typically includes.

You'll spend time learning about traffic crashes and the statistics behind them so you can understand the real magnitude of the problem we face. You'll also dive into the mental factors of good driving, including the importance of a clear state of mind before getting behind the wheel. Going off of that, you'll then learn more about accident prevention and the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

Additionally, your course will go over what happens if you're involved in a car accident and how to avoid accidents in the first place. Avoiding distracted driving and obeying all area traffic laws are two of the most important aspects of this.

What does Defensive Driving mean?

The term 'defensive driving' was coined back in the 1960s by the National Safety Council to describe a set of common-sense driving tactics that can reduce the risk of car crashes by anticipating dangerous scenarios before they arise.

While the Safety Council created the first course on the topic, there are now many different courses available on the matter.

Skills you'll learn

As a driver, you're not only looking out for yourself. You also have to consider the actions and behaviors of all other drivers on the road. Learning the skills supported by the National Safety Council is the best way to anticipate driving emergencies you may encounter.

These skills include:

  • Scanning the road around you and ahead of you
  • Planning for worst-case scenario emergencies
  • Determining an escape route if necessary
  • Respecting other drivers and treating them as you'd like to be treated

Not only for traffic tickets

Why you should consider signing up for a Defensive Driver course

Are you considering taking this driving defensive course? When you take it online from us, you can rest assured that you're getting the lowest price and the best defensive driving traffic school program available.

All of our traffic school programs are based on recommendations from the National Safety Council and include widely supported safe driver techniques.

Beyond the knowledge gained from your learning, there are many other benefits that come along with getting a certificate of completion from a driving online class. While the specific benefits will vary based on your state, some of the most common include:

  • Eliminating points on your driver's license from past traffic tickets, especially moving violations
  • Minimizing the impact a ticket has on your car insurance premiums
  • Becoming eligible for discounted rates from your auto insurance provider

How much does a Defensive Driving course lower your insurance?

You can expect to have lower insurance rates through a defensive driving class. Discounts depend on your auto insurance provider and state. However, these may vary from 5 to 15%. Some states only allow 55 and older adults to receive a discount through course completion.

How long does a Defensive Driving course take online?

This course can be completed in one sitting and users can work at their own pace. They're able to log in and out of the course at their convenience and complete it on any device.

How much is a Defensive Driving course?

You can expect to pay anywhere from $20-$40 for your course. The price varies by state.

How can this course impact your insurance and driving record?

Do you have questions about how our Defensive Driving program can benefit your specific situation? Contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles and your current insurance company to understand the possibilities for you, individually.

Are you ready to take our fully approved, fun, and effective course and get your insurance discount?

An online Defensive Driving course solution

Laws vary from state to state, but now most will let you improve your defensive course driving online.

We're proud to present a mobile-friendly online solution for those who want to take this course on their own time and at their own pace.

Our fully narrated traffic school option utilizes video, quizzes, diagrams, text, and more to create a universal safety council course at the lowest price possible.

There's no need to show up in person anywhere or be on time. Simply go through the content at a rate that works for you and then receive your certificate of completion. You can then show this certificate to your insurance agent and possibly get your rates lowered. If you needed to take the courses to fix a traffic ticket, you could also present your certificate to the DMV to remove points from your license.

4 steps to lower insurance rates and better driving

This course can be completed in one sitting and users can work at their own pace. They're able to log in and out of the course at their convenience and complete it on any device.


Sign up for online Defensive Driving course

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Complete the course at your own pace

You can choose to finish the safety council course all in one sitting or break it up into smaller sections at your own discretion. That's the beauty of this flexible course.

Receive your certificate and get your discount

Once you've completed the course, we will process your Certificate of Completion within 30 minutes (depending on your state), provide you with an electronic certificate for your immediate use and will send you the original in the mail. Take this certificate to your insurance provider to receive your discount.

Take it to the road

Now it's time to bring what you've learned in your course and take it to the roads and the highways. With a lower rate and refreshed knowledge on how to anticipate and avoid auto emergencies, you're ready to hit the road!

Get started on your Defensive Drivers course today

Say goodbye to high auto insurance premiums and feel more confident and safe on the road. Now you can get a completion certificate on this driver's safety course all from the comfort of your own computer, wherever you are.

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