What is Defensive Driving Insurance Discount?

37 States mandated insurance carriers to offer you a discount upon completion of an approved accident prevention course (aka Defensive Driving).

Depending on where you live and your policy, discounts vary from 5-15%. While some states reserve these discounts to drivers who are 55 years or older (Mature Driver Program), others like New York, offer it to every driver. To confirm the exact amount of your available discount check with your insurance agent or visit your state page from the link above for more specific information.

What is Mature Driver Program?

It’s just another name that is used for Accident Prevention or Defensive Driving Insurance Discount Program. Most of the insurance carriers offer special discounts for drivers who are 55 or older and who complete an approved driver improvement course.

Is your program approved?

Yes, we are approved in 37 states for the online delivery of Accident Prevention, Defensive Driving, and Mature Driver Programs.

What other insurance premium discounts are available to me?

Most insurance carriers offer you many other ways to save. Some of the examples include:

Accident or Violation Free Discounts – it pays to be a safe driver

Telematics – many carriers have apps that track your driving patterns. Taking advantage of the driving app can save you up to additional 20%

Multi-policy discounts – bundle your other policies like home policy with one carrier

Anti-Theft Device – make technology work for you

Pay-in-Full or Paperless Policy discounts – many carriers will share savings with you if they don’t have to do extra administrative work, like printing, billing etc…

For complete list of savings available on your policy is best to talk to your agent or visit your carriers web page. Most insurance carriers have a page that lists all available discounts in your state.