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Kansas Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving in KS

We are pleased to announce our Defensive Driving Program for the State of Kansas.

Voted Best Traffic School

Voted Best Traffic School

Won countless accolades from students and the media, including "Best Traffic School" designation.

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Certificate in 30 Minutes

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Defensive Driving Kansas

Defensive Driving by Improv was created over 20 years ago...

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Created by the famed Improv Comedy Club, our Improv Defensive Driving Course provides a convenient and cost-effective way to complete your defensive driving class online. Based on a simple notion that a defensive driving course doesn’t have to be dry and boring, our Kansas Defensive Driver Course has undergone numerous studies and have proven effective in reducing future tickets and accidents.

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Kansas Defensive Driving

More information to help you make the right choice.

You may need to complete defensive driving courses or traffic school if:

  • You were written a traffic ticket.
  • You don't want to get your driver’s license suspended by the Kansas Department of Revenue (DOR).
  • You'd like to earn a discount on auto insurance.

When you complete a defensive driving course, you'll leave with the safe driving skills you need to reduce your risk of committing traffic offenses and causing future car accidents.

Read on for basic information about defensive driving/traffic school in Kansas and information on how to get started.

Taking Defensive Driving in Kansas

Based on factors such as your driving history and/or the nature of your traffic violation, you may be eligible to take a defensive driving course in order to:

  • Satisfy the Kansas DMV or traffic court's legal requirements.
  • Complete sentencing or get a traffic ticket dismissed.
  • Prevent your auto insurance rates from increasing.
  • Get a discount on car insurance.

You may be permitted to complete your traffic school in a classroom or in an online setting. However, depending on your situation, your traffic court or the KS DMV may mandate that you complete your course in person.

The traffic court, the KS DMV, or your car insurance provider usually determines your eligibility for taking a defensive driving course.

If you were ordered to complete defensive driving to satisfy a requirement from a court or DOR, you should also receive details on:

  • The deadline by when you must finish the program.
  • The program you should complete.
  • Any extra fees and documents you are required to submit.

If you need more information about courses available for you to choose from, please reach out to:

  • The Kansas DOR.
  • The court that is handling your traffic ticket.
  • OR
  • The provider of your car insurance policy.

Getting a Traffic Ticket Dismissed

If you have committed a minor traffic offense, the court you're working with may dismiss your traffic ticket on the condition you complete a defensive driving course. Depending on the type of conviction you received, traffic school may be required.

If you are convicted of a major traffic violation or are written a certain quantity of tickets, points will be added to your driving record by the Kansas DOR, and your driver’s license may even be suspended. It may be an option for you to take traffic school to prevent such a suspension or get your driver’s license reinstated.

Earning a Discount on Auto Insurance

When you volunteer to complete a defensive driving/driver improvement class, you may be able to receive a safe driving discount from your car insurance company.

Some auto insurance providers offer discounts to drivers of all ages, rather than only teenaged and elderly drivers.

Before you enroll in a defensive driving course, don't forget to check with the appropriate agency first to ensure you’re eligible for savings on insurance.

Information About Kansas Traffic Schools

Classroom and online defensive driving courses in Kansas will likely cover these topics:

  • Traffic laws of Kansas.
  • Details on traffic violations and their consequences.
  • How to adopt safe driving habits.
  • The effects of alcohol and drugs on your driving ability.
  • Tips on sharing the road with other drivers, bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorcyclists.

Defensive driving courses can range from 4 to 12 hours depending on the program you take. To learn specific course details and fees, contact your course provider.

Keep in mind that you will usually need to pass a final test to complete the defensive driving course. Once you pass and the course is completed, you’ll receive a certificate.

You may be required to submit this completion certificate to the Kansas DMV, the traffic court handling your citation, and/or your car insurance company depending on the circumstances of your violation.