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Louisiana Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving in LA

We are pleased to announce our Defensive Driving Program for the State of Louisiana.

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Defensive Driving by Improv was created over 20 years ago...

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Created by the famed Improv Comedy Club, our Improv Defensive Driving Course provides a convenient and cost-effective way to complete your defensive driving class online. Based on a simple notion that a defensive driving course doesn’t have to be dry and boring, our Louisiana Defensive Driver Course has undergone numerous studies and have proven effective in reducing future tickets and accidents.

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Defensive Driving are fun and exciting – not really, but we do our best to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

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From students who took our Defensive Driving Courses in Louisiana.

  • This course was engaging, informative and fun, while outlining the many hazards drivers experience daily on the roads. I definitely plan to recommend this to members of my family and associates. Thanks for a great learning experience.
    testimonial star ratings
    Monica M., LA
  • It really did make me more aware of my driving habits.
    testimonial star ratings
    Kyle V., LA
  • The course made an otherwise tedious process enjoyable.
    testimonial star ratings
    Phyllis O., LA
  • Been driving for over 35 yrs but this course reminded me of things I should be thinking of every day!
    testimonial star ratings
    Lisa P., LA
  • Very funny and educational. Kept my interest throughout the course.
    testimonial star ratings
    Curtis L., LA
  • Well presented and entertaining. Much to think about and put into practice.
    testimonial star ratings
    Grayson S., LA
  • I loved doing this and actually to my own surprise found the course very engaging and fun!
    testimonial star ratings
    Ian S., LA
  • I’ve been driving for over 18 yrs & never really thought that I needed this. That said, this course made me think of the things that I’ve been doing wrong & not knowing it. I’m very glad I elected to do this course, but I really would be happy to not have to do it again. I would recommend that the average driver have to complete a course like this every 10-May yrs as a refresher course.
    testimonial star ratings
    Garrett B., LA
  • I really enjoyed the jokes, they were really funny and made the course that much interesting.
    testimonial star ratings
    Demetra F., LA
  • This was my first time taking a course of this type. I thought that it was well presented and it brought some things to mind that I had forgotten.
    testimonial star ratings
    Aaron T., LA
  • This course was easy and fun. it also informed me of things that I did not know before I had taken it.
    testimonial star ratings
    Matthew F., LA
  • This is by far the best Defensive Driving Course I have ever attended in the past years! The course was excellent! Fun! Energizing! Informative! Wow! It’s full of useful information and fun materials. Not only the content was extremely interesting but the organization, pace, and delivery was superb. I’d definitely take it again in the future. I would recommend it to everyone who needs it.
    testimonial star ratings
    Iroda R., LA
  • I really enjoyed the comedy approach to the learning. It kept the course from getting boring, and kept me interested all the way through. I will recommend ADM to everyone I know for sure!
    testimonial star ratings
    Jerome W., LA
  • A much better traffic school experience! I’m so glad I found Improv! Thank you for making what would normally be an unpleasant experience into such an enjoyable one.
    testimonial star ratings
    Erin P., LA
  • Points are expressed clearly. way better than sitting in a classroom.
    testimonial star ratings
    Ramon F., LA
  • This was great. Much better for the person with a hectic work schedule. Thanks!
    testimonial star ratings
    Barbara L., LA
  • Excellent and easy layout to follow online. This course had tons of interesting facts and statistics I did not know, I learned a lot.
    testimonial star ratings
    April B., LA
  • Thank you. Course is very interesting, engaging, and really, really fun to do!
    testimonial star ratings
    Julia M., LA
  • Very easy to use. Good information to keep daily drivers updated and aware.
    testimonial star ratings
    Derrick R., LA
  • I enjoyed taking this course at the leisure and comfort of my home. the best part is I actually learned something and was able to share pointers with my friends online that (surprise) didn’t know either.
    testimonial star ratings
    Jennifer D., LA
  • A classroom course could not have been as well presented as the online Improv Traffic School. I learned a lot and the time went quickly.
    testimonial star ratings
    Catherine W., LA
  • Best, funniest defensive driving course ever. Made the time pass by quickly. I learned some things as well.
    testimonial star ratings
    Eric G., LA
  • This course was a very good review and I will recommend to other people.
    testimonial star ratings
    Petalrose W., LA
  • This is the first time I’ve taken the Improv course online. The last time, more than 12 years ago, I took the Improv course in the classroom. The online version is more convenient, and a bit less embarrassing!
    testimonial star ratings
    Adam S., LA

Louisiana Defensive Driving

More information to help you make the right choice.

If you're looking to avoid a license suspension after committing a traffic offense, you may want to consider taking a course on Louisiana defensive driving.

Another benefit to taking one of these courses is that you may be eligible to receive a discount on your car insurance.

Though not everyone will be qualified to have their ticket dropped or receive a lowered insurance premium, a defensive driving course will still help you avoid future car accidents and tickets.

Here you will find the details of Louisiana defensive driving and information regarding who to contact for further details on your situation.

Louisiana Defensive Driving Course

Taking a defensive driving course in the state of Louisiana may make you eligible for:

  • Getting a ticket dropped.
  • Satisfying court obligations.
  • Avoiding a license suspension.
  • Avoiding higher insurance rates.
  • Receiving a car insurance discount.

Qualification for the course will depend on the decisions made by your court or insurance company. Their decision will be based on the severity of your violation, your past driving offenses, and the date in which you last finished a traffic school class.

For qualified people, the following details will be delivered:

  • A course deadline.
  • The specific course you must take.
  • Other documents or fees required.

Taking a defensive driving course on your own time doesn't have such strict requirements. Your course provider will tell you how long you have to complete the course and what exactly is involved.

In most cases, you will have the choice as to whether you want to take the course online or in a classroom. This comes down to a personal preference that comes from you weighing the pros and cons of both options.

To obtain more specifics about the Louisiana defensive driving courses at your disposal:

  • Call up local traffic schools and ask for information.
  • Talk to the Louisiana DMV.
  • Contact the court handling your ticket.
  • Contact your auto insurance agent.

NOTE: Getting too many points from traffic offenses, both minor and large, puts you at risk of getting your license suspended by the Louisiana OMV.

LA Car Insurance Reduction

Voluntarily taking a Louisiana defensive driving course can help you achieve lower car insurance payments.

You should check with your provider to make sure you are eligible and that the course you are taking is approved.

LA Defensive Driving Course Rundown

Whatever course you decide to take, you will see the same general topics such as:

  • Traffic laws of LA.
  • How to cooperate with other drivers.
  • Habits of safe driving.
  • How to be a responsible driver.
  • Alcohol/drug information.
  • Severe vs. minor traffic violations.

One of these courses generally takes 4-12 hours to finish, and the cost will depend on what program you enroll in.

In order to receive your certificate of completion, you will need to achieve a passing grade on your final exam. Many programs will grant you multiple retakes of the final.

To gain the ultimate benefits of this course, you will likely need to submit your certificate to:

  • Your local traffic court in charge of your case.
  • Your auto insurance company.
  • The Louisiana OMV.