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Most Recent in Texas

Texas Debates Merits Of Mandatory DUI Checkpoints

Texas legislators remain steadfastly opposed (for the most part) to any efforts to issue a state wide ban on distracted driving or the use of handheld devices by drivers, but…

December 6, 2012

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Texas Pile-Up Blamed On Weather (And Truckers)

Texas Highway Patrol Investigators are still working on the exact cause of a massive 140-car pile-up that happened last week on I-10 near Beaumont, Texas, but preliminarily police say an…

November 29, 2012

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Texas Driver Doesn’t Stop After Collision With Recliner

A Texas driver learned the hard way that when you collide with something on the highway you should pull over and check to make…

November 22, 2012

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Texas Lawmakers Take Another Look At Distracted Driving

Texas remains one of just a handful of states without some sort of ban on distracted driving. State lawmakers have repeatedly resisted efforts to…

November 15, 2012

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Texas Drivers: Beware Of Low Flying Aircraft

File this one under, “Always Expect The Unexpected.” Frank Laudo was driving a black SUV on a private road which runs alongside a small private airport just outside Dallas,Texas, as…

November 8, 2012

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Collision, Rollover Crash In First Week Of Texas Roadway

Texas earned the moniker of “Fastest State In The Union” last week when it debuted a new 41-mile stretch of toll road with a…

November 1, 2012

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Texas Drivers Prep For 85 mph Limit

On Wednesday some Texas drivers will get an opportunity to text the limits of their high-speed driving skills when the nation’s first roadway with an 85 mph limit will officially…

October 23, 2012

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Texas Prepared For Aged Drivers

The number of Texas drivers 65 or older will increase almost 200 percent in the next few decades, meaning Texas Department of Transportation needs to be ready. Ready for what?…

October 12, 2012

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Texas Drivers Paying (Mighty) For The Privilege

Everything is bigger in Texas, including apparently the bill drivers pay for the right to drive on state roads, highways and bridges. In fact, a new study by TRIP, a…

October 4, 2012

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Texas Police Follow MADD Lead

Mothers Against Drunk Driving has one overriding concern: getting drunk drivers off the road. For more than two decades the group has sought to increase public awareness of the dangers…

September 27, 2012

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