Texas earned the moniker of “Fastest State In The Union” last week when it debuted a new 41-mile stretch of toll road with a posted speed limit of 85 mph. Traffic safety experts have debated the merits of allowing drivers to reach speeds of almost 30 miles per hour faster than the average, but the fact is nobody was certain what to expect.

Now that the road has been open for one full week, traffic safety experts are already compiling the numbers and so far, they are questionable. For instance, in less than one week the road has already seen its first roll-over crash, but the Texas Highway Patrol said that crash does not seem to have been caused by the speed of the driver. More shocking are the collisions involving vehicles and animals crossing the road. Although no one has been injured as a result of those crashes, Texas Highway Patrol has seen vehicles collide with two feral hogs and a deer in just one week since the highway opened.

Texas State Highway 130, which has the 41-mile stretch of toll road with a posted 85 mph speed limit is mean to offer drivers an alternative to Interstate 35 which is a heavily congested stretch of Texas roadway. Some drivers have reported they prefer paying for the privilege of driving at a faster clip on a less congested roadway, but whether or not the road actually results in an improvement in traffic conditions in the area only time will tell.

For now Texas will retain its title as the “Fastest State In The Union.” Utah has a posted speed limit of 80 mph, but no signs that state legislators there will approve any increase in that top speed.

For now, Texas drivers who use the new toll road need to remember they are not only having to contend with traveling at a faster rate, but also with any obstacles which might wander into the road ahead. In Texas that means feral hogs, deer and possibly any number of opossum’s, armadillos or raccoons.