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Flashing Yellow Arrows In Texas

Not all drivers are defensive drivers. If they were the roads would a whole lot safer place and accidents would really be “accidental” instead of accidentally because someone was stupid.…

September 25, 2012

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Hardship License For Texas 15-Year-Olds

If you are not quite old enough to legally drive a car in Texas, you still might qualify for what is called a ‘hardship license.’ Under Texas state law some…

September 19, 2012

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TxDOT Turns To Video In Drunk Driving Fight

Educational researchers have proven that some people are auditory learners, some are practical learners and still others are visual learners. It is this latter group which is the focus of…

September 10, 2012

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Houston Considers Major Highway Round-A-Bout

Round-a-bouts, or traffic circles, are fairly common in the Northeastern United States, and practically the only type of intersection across Europe, but so far they have failed to catch on…

September 5, 2012

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Brownsville Safest Texas City For Driving

The latest edition of the Allstate Insurance Company “America’s Best Drivers Report” lists Brownsville as the safest Texas city for driving. Brownsville, which ranked 25th overall, replaces Laredo which was…

September 3, 2012

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TxDMV Suspends Listening Tour Because Nobody Was Listening

In an effort to solicit public input on their services and policies, the Texas Department of Transportation embarked on a statewide campaign they dubbed…

August 27, 2012

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Texas Drivers: Here’s Your Sign

Texas Department of Transportation is taking very seriously the results of a recent traffic safety audit which shows that while traffic fatalities have declined statewide in the past five years…

August 22, 2012

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Texas Traffic Deaths Down, But Still Too High

Traffic fatalities in the state of Texas have decreased about 15 percent in the past five years, but they are still higher than the national average. According to a Texas…

August 20, 2012

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Texas Police Focus On Drunk Driving

Starting this week Texas police will be participating in the “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign meant to target drunk drivers and enforce existing laws against driving under the…

August 13, 2012

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Some Texas Employees Get Driving Simulator

In Potter County government employees are getting an opportunity to drive without the need to go anywhere. A new driving simulator is being made available to Potter County employees offering…

August 9, 2012

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