Educational researchers have proven that some people are auditory learners, some are practical learners and still others are visual learners. It is this latter group which is the focus of the most effort by the Texas Department of Transportation to convince people not to drink and drive.

The TxDOT is now releasing a new video aimed directly at Hispanic drivers, in an effort to explain the dangers and potential repercussions of driving drunk.

The Spanish-language video features DWI testimonials from Hispanic drivers convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol in Texas. The educational video is designed to resonate with recently immigrated and first-generation Hispanics in particular; research suggests they may be less likely to know about DWI laws because they may come from countries where DWI laws are different or are not enforced consistently. TxDOT is sharing the video with organizations such as AVANCE and foreign consulates as well as Spanish-language driver’s education and alcohol awareness courses.

“TxDOT’s goal is to increase awareness among the Hispanic community about the dangers of drinking and driving. We want to make sure that more people know that driving under the influence of alcohol is never acceptable,” said Carol Rawson, director, Traffic Operations Division of TxDOT.

There is good reason for the specific focus on Hispanic drivers in the state. According to recent statistics Hispanic drivers represent a greater risk when it comes to drunk driving, and as an increasing percentage of the state population, TxDOT is targeting what it sees as a high risk demographic.