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Ah, yes, New York state. Also known as the Empire State, founded in 1624 by the Dutch as a major trade settlement, and the state animal is the majestic beaver. New York is a cherished land and the flagship of the great New England territory.

What isn’t there to love about New York?

As a renowned world traveler, I often think back and embrace my stay in New York. Captivated by the scenic rural side to the flashing lights of the city, there were countless reasons to fall in love. Somewhere between enrolling in an online defensive driving course and my stay in a secluded countryside resort, New York stole my heart. When I was in New York…

The People

The people who roamed the land were exquisite in nature. Known to present a tough and gruff attitude, they were really quite friendly. When you’re visiting the city, you realize the only people who actually live there migrated from other parts of the country. Nobody is actually from New York City.

You’ll also encounter countless people claiming to be a DJ, investment banker, or “model slash actor.” Truly riveting. Outside of the city, you’ll find people are more attuned with the slower life accustomed to living in mid-sized cities and towns. Apparently, everyone knew someone who owned a boat, too. The people were magnificent.

The Transportation

The transportation was always a marvel of modern human engineering. Believed to be the best in the world, New York has a burly infrastructure of highways, country roads, subways, trains, and ride sharing opportunities to get you from one location to the next as quickly as humanly possible. My most beloved memory of the public transportation system was riding the subway and guessing which person would snap into lunatic rant.

It was a guessing game I’d like to play to help pass the time between boroughs in the city.

When you travel up north, you are taken on roads around beautiful landscapes, such as lakes, forests, mountains, plains, farmland, and even waterfalls. Taking I-89 will take you north, allowing you to take your time exploring the countryside.

The Nature

Speaking of the countryside, the nature and landscapes were divine to say the least. Perusing through the rural parts of the state made me wish that I was the state animal (the beaver) for it would spend all it’s time next to the serene lakes, rivers, and other waterfronts. Alas, as a renowned world traveler, you must explore the world, not one, single place.

Bear Mountain State Park was one example of the beauty you would find on New York’s land. Located on the side of the Hudson River, you would lose yourself in the forest hiking trails that would wind through the mountains. Alternatively, you could partake in a good game of river fishing off the Hudson.

The Food

The food was arguably, the most fantastic part of the entire experience. You could have anything you wanted at a moment’s notice. You could stop by the Chinese restaurant tucked between bodegas in Brooklyn, or you could stop by your favorite brewery after a long day’s hike.

The possibilities were truly endless. You could even find yourself engaging in fusion cuisines. Every small town in the state, at one point had a “Taste of [insert town name]” festival. You could try the finest cuisines of that town, but a higher-than-normal price.

The Cities and Culture

The cities and culture were unique, in that, I’ve never seen anything like it. In the city, you would find a melting pot of background, hobbies, entertainment, and what people felt passionate about. Outside of the city, you would be an outcast if you couldn’t choose an alliance between Giants or the Jets.

Everything revolved around the sportsmanship of your local town or city. The passion that was built around sports formed groups and established a community and culture. The only mascot I chose to root for were the Beavers. As in, the New York state animal.