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Are you aware that insurance companies are required by law to include pages in your auto insurance policy that provides specific rating information? These pages should explain how they rated your policy, what the specific classification codes mean, and how the company’s surcharge system works. When you get the policy, it can pay to make sure the information they used in deciding your premium is accurate. Learn more on how to save money on your auto insurance in NY.

Defensive Driving School - the fun way!

That traffic ticket you earned by driving a little too fast – or a little too recklessly — is like your ticket to a hot new blockbuster. It may be overpriced, but at least you’ll have a good time at the movie. While anyone can go to a movie, only those who have a moving violation – a civil one—get awarded a ticket to a defensive driving course. More serious offences, ranging from DWI or DUI to criminal violations and serious accidents are too extreme to be wiped from your record by taking a class. When you head to a theater, your ticket tells you which screen your movie is playing on, your ticket can tell you which process will help you – a defensive driving course or a more extreme form of rehabilitation. In some cases, if you have a single criminal offense, you may be able to have it wiped clear by attending a New York defensive driving course. Only the traffic court judge can determine if a course will work for you. Like visiting a huge multiplex, you have plenty of options when it comes to selecting a defensive driving course. Love foreign films (complete with annoying subtitles) or long, drawn out documentaries? That’s what you can expect from most classes. If you prefer a little more excitement – and a while lot more fun – consider the Traffic Improv School. Traffic Improv is helpful in more ways than one – it has one of the best reputations in the industry, so you can have fun and get great results. Standards for defensive driving programs are court mandated, but there is no law that says the classes have to be boring. It’s a lot easier to get into an Improv Traffic School class than a movie premiere, too – you just need your ID, a court order and your citation and you’re in. You can apply online or by phone and get ready to let the good times roll – and learn a bit too! You can get the same benefits from an Improv Traffic school that you’ll get from a conventional school – you’ll just have a whole lot more fun. Expect the course to include important information you’ll need to get back on the road, and to present that info in a way that you’ll actually pay attention and remember it.
While defensive driving sounds like something you’d have to suit up in armor and weaponry for, it is simply a fancy term for basic vehicle safety. Defensive driving programs are designed to teach you some safe driving techniques and keep you (and your fellow drivers) safe on the road. Most courses are dry and boring – but Improv Traffic School has chosen a unique approach to driver safety, and on that is well worth trying if you enjoy a good laugh. The “Improv” in the title refers to the comedy teams that have produced the material presented in the courses. If you prefer comedies to dramas, and like to laugh instead of watch the second hand drag by on your watch, Improv Traffic School may be for you.
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Improv Traffic School classes are fast, fun and affordable, and designed to work within your busy schedule. Courses are online, so you can take them from the comfort of your own home. You’ll read a section of text, watch an optional video that digs a little deeper and then take a quick quiz. 10 of these mini sessions and you’re done—most participants complete a session in about five minutes. While you may not get the starring role in the latest RomCom, you will get a role that fits into your daily life a lot better – the role of a more responsible driver. Best of all, you’ll get your completion certification as soon as your work is complete - -no long waits or complicated forms to fill out.
Our classes are online, available 24/7 and offer instant certification. We've helped over 2 million people to regain their licenses. Why not join them and enjoy yourself in the process?
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