Staten Island NY Online Defensive Driving

So, you got yourself a ticket in Staten Island. Now what? Well, there could be increased auto insurance rates ahead and maybe even a court appearance. Not very pleasant thoughts are they? There is some good news in that taking a state approved Staten Island NY defensive driving class can minimize that damage. There's even better news in that the Improv Comedy Club has such a Staten Island New York defensive driving online course you can take at your convenience! Yes, the world famous Improv has designed a state approved Staten Island New York traffic school course that is affordable, easy to take, entertaining and it fulfills your obligation to the court. Perhaps best of all it will keep your auto insurance rates from going up due to that ticket. We know what you're thinking...SIGN ME UP! Wait, there's more.

How long is the defensive driving course good for?

Our Staten Island NY defensive driving online course can save you big bucks on your auto insurance. How can this Improv Online Traffic School save you so much? Well, you see your auto insurance rates are based in part, on your driving record. Those pesky traffic tickets can make your driving record appear like you are not such a great driver. By taking a state approved Staten Island NY accident prevention course like Improv Traffic School, you could not only prevent your rates from increasing, you could save up to 10% on your car insurance premiums. Not only that but by successfully completing driving school in Staten Island NY, you could receive a 4-point deduction on your New York DMV driving record! That means you will be 4 points father away from a license revocation or suspension!

Staten Island NY Online Defensive Driving - Driver Education The Fun Way

New York has not yet legislated against humor. With that though in mind, Improv has created a Staten Island NY defensive driving class that combines humor with education. It has resulted in comedy traffic school and it is approved by the New York Department of Motor Vehicles. We put together an online course that you can take from anywhere you have internet access. It includes entertaining videos, funny comic strips, and just a hint of sarcasm to help you along the way. Our Staten Island New York online defensive driving course will have you chuckling your way through your ticket.

Defensive Driving Course Staten Island NY is Totally Online

Did we mention you can take your driving school in Staten Island NY in a classroom, OR you can take Improv's totally online comedy traffic school. Our defensive driving Staten Island defensive driving course teaches your defensive driving in a way that defensive driving subliminally becomes a part of your defensive driving habits! You'll have fun by taking the course at your own pace, logging in and out at times of your choice. There are not someone looking over your shoulder and there is no need to study for a final exam because there isn't one!

It's All About You!

Our Staten Island NY online defensive driving course is just as it should be-it's all about you! That means we make it as convenient as possible to successfully complete. You can take the course all at once or finish it in a series of shorter sessions. Take it late at night or early in the morning. As long as the course is completed within the 30 days allowed, you are good to go. Our system tracks the time spent in our Staten Island New York defensive driving online course and it goes toward the total time required to complete it.

The Entire Family Can Save

Our online comedy traffic school is not just about traffic tickets it is about saving money. Did you know that our class serves as a Staten Island NY online insurance reduction course? By successfully finishing our class you can save 10% on your auto insurance for three years. That amount is figured from your liability, collision and no-fault coverage base rate. The savings can really add up when you consider every member of your family can take our Staten Island NY online defensive driving course.

Don't Get Your License Suspended!

Completing our online Staten Island NY defensive driving class, we send notice of completion to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. They then process it for driving record point processing. If applicable, your driving record will get a 4-point reduction upon completion of the course! This could play a significant role in preventing your license from getting revoked or suspended. You are eligible for this point reduction once every 18 months.