The question of whether one needs a car in New York plaques many newcomers planning to move in here. To answer the question head on, you don’t need to own a car in NY! Therefore, if someone tells you that it is necessary, it’s because they have programmed their maneuverability within and without the city for years, and this might not work for you. Below is why you should think twice before deciding you need a car in New York.

It’s a Problem to Gas Up Your Vehicle

With the ever-growing human population in NY, which demands the use of every available inch of land to cater for housing needs, very little space has been left for gas stations. The net effect of this situation is that gas stations in NY are growing fewer and farther apart. This means that living in the city is no different to living in a “gas desert.” Therefore, if you don’t happen to live near a station, you’ll have to drive a distance to gas up and this increases your overall cost of living here.

High Cost of Garage Parking

Compared to other areas, one of the biggest hurdles to be a car owner in NY is the exorbitantly excessive cost of parking. Irrespective of whether you’re planning to buy an apartment or rent one here, you’ll definitely not avoid the high parking cost. If the apartment you want to buy comes with a parking spot, be guaranteed that the closing price will be inflated by at least $60,000 for it.

On the other hand, if you rent a spot in most of the NY apartments that have garages, expect to dig deeper into your pockets for a monthly cost of between $100 to $ 1000 as determined by the neighborhood you live in. Even for private garages, you’re not safe as they will charge you around $430 monthly.
What we’re trying to say here is, owning a car in NY you’ll end up spending what people in other cities pay as house rent just to keep your car safe indoors!

Alternate Side Parking is Problematic

Don’t even think that running away from the highly-charged garages to alternate-side parking will save your skin. Although you’ll retain some cash, you’ll be forced to make up for it in terms of logical hassle and your precious time, as getting an unoccupied spot proves daunting – sometimes you’ll have to circle for the spot the night before. Additionally, during snowstorms, you’ll need to get up so early to move your vehicle out of the way to allow for street cleaning, which can be very hectic for you.

Driving in NY Emotionally Drains

Thinking that NY roads will give you the best drive is misinformed because it feels like you’re playing a video game. You’ll have to swerve around bikers, move over for double-parked vehicles, dodge potholes, and change lanes often. Additionally, you’ve to be keen not to hit pedestrians, who are always busy talking on their cellphones, oblivious to the queue of vehicles waiting to cross. In short, it’ll be much more comfortable to use other means of transport than drive your own car on NY highways.

Final Thoughts

It isn’t advisable to own a car in NY given the many inconveniences it comes with – high parking cost, problematic alternate-side parking, ice & snow, and gas scarcity to name just a few of them. From a personal point of view NY rocks for public transportation, and you can always rent a vehicle for the weekends you plan to get out of the city