If you lose your NY driver’s license, can you use your state ID to drive? If you misplaced your New York State ID, you probably need another. Chances are you need your ID immediately, and that is why you were looking for it. Well, you can fix that problem now, without even going to the DMV!

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Differences Between Non-Driver IDs and Drivers Licenses

Understanding the differences between a non-driver ID and a driver’s license makes it easier to understand the differences between a temporary ID and a driver’s license. You can use your driver’s license in place of your non-driver ID, but you cannot legally drive with an official New York State non-driver ID. Getting both a temporary ID and a temporary license is possible.

You can acquire a temporary ID by applying for an ID at the DMV. Another option is by renewing or replacing an ID through the DMV online or in person. To help you understand, here are some of the main differences between non-driver IDs and driver’s licenses:

Age Requirements

You can get a non-driver ID at any age. You do have to have an adult vouch for you as a guardian if you are under 21. In New York, you must be 16 to apply for a driver’s license. You don’t need a guardian to get a learner’s permit unless that is one of your proofs of identification. This proof is called an MV-45. A learner’s permit is an initial requirement for getting a driver’s license.


There are no real prerequisites for a non-driver ID, only proofs of identity and fees. There are quite a few conditions for getting a driver’s license. You must get a permit before you can get a license. The written permit test must be passed by approximately 70% to get your permit. After getting your permit in the mail, you can take your physical road test. Upon passing, the driver will receive an interim (temporary) license until the actual driver’s license comes in the mail.


A non-driver ID is relatively inexpensive. However, a driver’s license comes with various costs. You will have application fees, document fees, and fees according to the type of license it is. The prices vary quite a bit by license type and by age.

Eye Exam

You must pass an eye exam to get a driver’s license but not a non-driver ID.

Proofs of Identification

The type of proof you need to obtain a non-driver ID depends on your age. Unless you are using a guardian as part of your proof, the requirements are pretty much the same across the board for a driver’s license.

Similarities Between IDs and Driver’s Licenses

Now that you’ve seen the differences between non-driver IDs and driver’s licenses, look at the similarities. Both are photo IDs you can use as proof of identification at any place requiring evidence. Both are acquired through the DMV and are official. Also, they contain much of the same information about the owner, such as date of birth, address, and individual physical characteristics.

Temporary ID Vs. NYS Driver’s License

After seeing the differences and similarities between non-driver IDs and driver’s licenses, it’s easy to understand what a temporary ID is. A temporary ID is given in place of a permanent ID. It takes about two weeks before you get your permanent ID in the mail. Your temporary ID is a non-photo ID that carries the same weight as the actual ID. Some places still require seeing an additional photo ID if it’s an identification requirement. However, you can legally use it in place of the permanent document.