As any driver knows, driving with a suspended or expired license is an offense that could land you in unnecessary legal trouble. Thanks to technology, checking the status of your license doesn't have to be arduous; you can do so online within a few minutes.

How to Check Out My New York DMV License Status

Checking your status online is probably the most convenient way. Every state has its own DMV site which is easy enough to find. Residents of New York can sign up for MyDMV and use the Permit or ID, My License service. You will be able to check license status, privileges, number of points and more. Doing a license status check habitually saves you from driving around with an outdated license.

What to Do When Your License is Expired

If you have a New York expired license, the first step is renewing it and then update your information. Please note that this process will attract lateness fees of about $15 so avoid pushing back renewal dates.

How to Renew Your License

You can renew your license at the closest New York DMV branch, or you can do it online. Regardless of the method, you will need to pay a renewal fee of $48 plus the addition of lateness charges if applicable.

What to Do when Your License is Suspended

In the case of a suspended license, the last thing you want is being apprehended driving illegally. Fulfill the stipulated requirements and have it reinstated promptly. MyImprov Traffic School is an ideal place to get defensive driving skills. Enrolling in and completing an accredited driving course is a good way to show that intent to be a better driver.

Reinstating your license

Log onto the NY DMV site and see what charges are being levied against you and related fines usually of $50- 150 and then court fees. After court summoning, present the required documentation to the DMV, and you will be one step closer to reinstating your license.