What is defensive driving?

Defensive driving courses can be taught online, via video or DVD, or in a live classroom and are designed to teach students to predict and react to hazards before an accident occurs to promote safe driving technique. Defensive driving courses focus on predicting and initiating the appropriate response to a variety of hazardous on-the-road situations to promote predictably safe outcomes. Students who have completed a defensive driving course are often safer, more responsible drivers and less likely to experience a collision or other dangerous accident. A wide range of topics are taught, including:

  • Predicting error by other drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians and responding quickly and appropriately
  • Avoiding distractions such as eating, texting, talking on the phone, reading, or changing radio stations
  • The potential outcome of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • How to manage psychological factors including fatigue and stress to prevent accidents
  • How to accommodate various hazards including inclement weather, flat tires, vehicle failure, potential collision, and poor road maintenance
  • The negative impact of an accident including possible injuries to self and others and overall cost to driver
  • Breakdown of state traffic laws and potential fines and penalties
  • How to properly use seat belts and other safety equipment as well as the potential consequences of misusing or failing to use safety devices
  • The various types of accidents that may occur and the dynamics of each
  • True stories about people whose lives were changed as the result of a traffic accident

Why Defensive Driving?

There are a number of reasons a driver might opt to enroll in a defensive driving course. Depending on his or her state of residence, a defensive driving course may be required following a traffic offense and may even lower the fine or lessen the points penalized. Completion of a defensive driving course may also lower insurance rates for students for up to five years and prevent insurance rates from increasing following an accident or traffic violation. Drivers seeking more information on the benefits of defensive driving course completion can contact their automobile insurance company and/or department of motor vehicles for information specific to their state. Most drivers find that the benefits outweigh the cost and commitment involved in taking the course.

Most importantly, defensive driving courses help students become safe, prepared, and reactive drivers and improve their chances of safe commuting as well as the safety of their passengers and other motorists.

What is Comedy Defensive Driving?

Comedy Traffic School by IMPROV believes in the benefits of online defensive driving courses but doesn't believe courses should be endless, boring, and preceded by dread. In 1989, they developed the world's first defensive driving course laced with real-life humor to create a fun and memorable experience for students. Students who are laughing are fully engaged and more likely to both complete the course and retain the information long term.

While many younger companies have followed suit by creating various comedy traffic schools since then, Comedy Traffic School by Improv is still not only the original comedy traffic school but the best in the industry. With over twenty years of experience and three million satisfied customers, Comedy Traffic School by Improv is the perfect combination of seasoned and refreshingly funny.

How can I enroll in a Comedy Traffic School by Improv Defensive Driving Course?

Most states allow online defensive driving programs. If your state is one of them, simply navigate to Comedy Defensive Driving today and select your state to get started. Be prepared to realize safety, savings, and a good laugh!

IMPROV also offers other traffic courses to meet your needs including driver's ed and traffic school as well as department of motor vehicle practice tests. IMPROV offers all the tools and knowledge you need via a convenient and fun platform.