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New York City is teaming with fancy restaurants, fine diners, and gourmet eateries. If there’s one thing the city is known for, it’s their salivating selection of restaurants that you can choose to eat at. There’re so many great restaurants and each one of them are in high demand. Which could only mean one thing – restaurant wars.

Making a reservation at your favorite NY restaurant can require you to spend upwards to 2 hours waiting outside in the cold. Everyone has had the experience of looking through the window of their favorite hub for grub, watching the people enjoying the food, warmth, and ambiance. You learned a plethora of ways to fight the traffic from a defensive driving online course NY, so how are you still being left out in the cold? Literally!

We’ve put together a bullet proof list of ways you can get through the busy streets to make it to your restaurant reservation. No more late registrations, long lines, and traffic busts. Eating at your go-to restaurant is supposed to be delicious, not stressful.

Leaving Early, the 45-minute Rule

Traffic is unforgiving. No matter what circumstance you’re in, traffic will move at the same pace: excruciatingly slow. That’s why you should beat the jams and leave earlier than expected for your dining night out. When you want to make sure you arrive at a location on time, you should apply the 45-minute rule to your departure. However long you predict it will take you to arrive at the restaurant, leave 45-minutes before that. The worst-case scenario is leisurely taking your time getting to your table.

Make a Reservation in Advance

If you’d like to dine at a high-end restaurant, best of luck. Often, making a reservation could be your only way. What’s worse is you could have to make a reservation just to make a reservation. That’s a whole new level of being stuck in line. A smart strategy to land those seats at the most in-demand restaurant in town is to reserve your seat days in advance. This idea might sound ludicrous, but what’s more ludicrous is the waitlist just to sit down.

Make a Reservation Under a Celebrity Name

This is the Hail Mary of reservation seating. If you must make a reservation, pull out your best impersonation skills and mimic a celeb making a reservation. Is it so crazy to say “Gosling, table for 2” in your most seductive voice? It sure is. But, it might be crazy enough to work!

Be Polite and Don’t Cause a Scene

Being polite is the secret trick to having a better experience when you’re on a night out. It might go without saying, but, when people don’t get their way, you often see a meltdown, especially in customer service or the food industry. You can cut expectations by staying cool and collected, because when you do, you might notice your waiting time goes from an hour to 30 minutes.

Try out Restaurants that are off the Grid

When you can’t get into the restaurants you want, try going off the grid. Adventuring out into the great unknown is a great way to expand your tastes and experiences. You’ll be surprised with the number of hidden gems that exist outside of your city or town. You can make a day trip of exploring what else is out there. You might just find a new regular place. Regardless, the road less traveled is one with fewer people making reservations at restaurants.