Ohio Defensive Driving Course
Learned a lot in an interesting and informative manner. Good clues for remembering traffic safety methods. - Edward R.
Loved doing this at home, being able to take breaks when I needed them was awesome as I am disabled and sitting for a 6 hour class is nearly impossible. I have already recommended this course to friends and will continue to do so! - Donna G.
I had a very fun and informative time doing this online course. - Keister B.
Thanks for helping me enjoy and learn at the same time! - Caitlan S.
The illustrations and videos were nice and helped to make the experience more enjoyable. - Marjorie W.
This was so much better than attending driving school in person which I have in the past. I would recommend this particular course to anyone who needs to take driving school. - Mary S.
Great way to take traffic school. - Rolando N.
Extremely fun way to present a lot of information and meets the needs of all types of learners. - Lindy L.
The course presented the information in an entertaining way to keep the readers attention and focus. Valuable information was presented throughout the course. - Lyndsey H.
Loved being able to do this from the convenience of my own home! - Patricia B.
I appreciate the great number of easy-to-apply tips, as well as the humor involved in presenting this very serious topic. - Patrick M.
I have taken other on line courses. This was well paced and allowed me to step away from the computer when I needed to and provided me with the opportunity to restart where I left off. It was well worth the review of the rules of the road! - Barbara G.
The online course was not only fun but very insightful! - Ericka S.
I really enjoyed this course. Taking it online made it much easier to complete because I could do it on my own time. There were a lots of interesting facts and statistics that I will take with me from the course and share with my friends and family members. - Kassi P.
This course is easy to understand without any stress. - Sue J.
It was very easy to do and I really enjoyed completing it. - Katrina V.
Wow! I have put off doing this course because I thought it would be boring. It wasn't. I made it not only educational but entertaining as well. I want the other members of my family to take it as well. At 62, you need to be reminded of what the consequences of driving are and how you can improve your driving skills and knowledge. - Laura T.
It reminds me to be more aware. I liked the course very much. I do consider myself a safe driver, however there is always more to learn and to be aware of. Thank you! - Bernadette M.
I thought this was the BEST course I have attended. Most informative and at the same time easiest. - William F.
I really enjoyed it because it was funny and put into a format that I could understand. - Daniel P.
I absorbed a lot more information than a classroom presentation because I completed the course at my own pace rather than having to cramp 5 hours worth of information in 5 hours. The Improv video and the summaries at the end of each chapter also made remembering the information much easier. - Jay G.
I will recommend this course to my friends. It was easy to do and it was so convenient for my schedule. - Monique H.
I have taken many of these types of classes and this was by far the best experience I have had with it. - Miguel A.
This really provides you with information I forgot about it is actually a very excellent way for achieving your defensive driving course online thank you. - Mohamad B.
Ohio Defensive Driving Course