Benefits of a Defensive Driving Course

Defensive driving courses in New York City and other cities across America are applauded for instructing people of all ages to drive well by utilizing safer driving strategies. They help motorists to predict possible hazards that they are likely to encounter while driving. The strategies go beyond simple instructions on the basic traffic rules and procedures.

Attending defensive driving classes enables people to improve their driving skills hence reducing the driving risks. They are able to anticipate situations and make informed decisions depending on the road or environmental conditions. They are not only for new drivers, but drivers of all ages.

The benefits of taking defensive driving courses vary from one state to another, although they include the reduction of points on a person’s driving license. In other states, taking these courses means up to 10% reduction in an individual’s auto insurance rates for about 3-5 years.

What is Included in the Course?

The contents of these courses are regulated by individual states and they are designed to train the learners basing on the laws of those states.

Below is the basic outline of what is covered in a typical NY defensive driving class.

Traffic Crashes

Traffic crashes have enormous personal and social impacts. The goal of these courses is to reduce the risks that are posed by the accidents. This is done by educating people to exercise good judgment and cautious driving.

Psychological Factors

While on the road, drivers deal with a number of factors that can affect their driving. Defensive driving courses focus on helping the driver to overcome negative psychological factors like emotional distress and fatigue. The driver is instructed to develop a positive attitude and increase his/her focus while driving.

Human Factors

Driving while under the influence of alchohol or drugs can be disastrous. The NY defensive driving courses educate people about effects of driving in such a state. The topics range from the state’s blood-alcohol-limit (which is 0.08% for New York City), how alcohol and drugs limit a person’s judgment and motor skills as well as the consequences of being caught driving in such a state.

Dynamics of a Crash

The course addresses the issues that concern a crash and the second collision. Elements of a crash are listed and illustrations given on how the impact can be avoided or limited.

Safety Equipment

The courses offer tips on how to use safety equipment like safety belts and air bags to ensure safety while traveling.

Traffic Law

These courses help the learners to grasp the state’s traffic laws.

It is important to go through various defensive driving reviews so as to know where the best courses for defensive driving are offered.

Benefits of a Defensive Driving Course