Whether you received a red light ticket for a failure to stop at an red light near the Prudential Center, or got pulled over for an illegal turn at an intersection in Atlantic City, you could be on the hook for some serious money. Receiving a traffic ticket in New Jersey can not only put a severe dent in your wallet. In addition, you'll also be assessed points that could result in a license suspension or worse.

Your New Jersey red light citation will vary based the nature of your violation. Expect to pay at least $52 and as much as $202 or more depending on your circumstances.

So, what determines the penalties you're facing if you're issued a red light ticket in New Jersey?. Let's take a look:





Illegal turn $52-202 3
Failure to Stop $50-$200 2
Illegal U-Turn $52-$202 3

In addition to the above listed red light ticket price ranges you may have to pay additional fees, fines, or penalties based on the nature and severity of your violation and where it was issued.

New Jersey Red Light Camera Violation

Due to a program that was not renewed by the State Legislature, New Jersey no longer allows any form of red light camera enforcement.

Additional Fines and Penalties in New Jersey

New Jersey is one of the few states in which you are required to stop on a yellow light if it is safe to do so. The general rule of thumb is that 50 feet is a safe stopping distance while traveling at 20 miles-per-hour.

How Does the New Jersey Driver's License Points System Work?

On top of potential jail time, as you accumulate points on your license in New Jersey you risk having to pay a surcharge for your license, or the suspension or revocation of your driving privileges. Rack up 6 or more points within 3 years and you will be assessed a surcharge. Racking up 12 or more points will trigger a license suspension. Do not forget that adding points to your license can easily result in an increase in your insurance premiums.

If you have accumulated points on your license you do have options to reduce them. They include:

No one likes getting a red light ticket, but failing to address it can cause long-term problems for the state of your license, your insurance rate, and potentially, your freedom. Getting ahead of the issue is the best course of action, and knowing what you'll need to pay is the first step toward resolving your red light ticket.