You’ve seen them when passing through intersections and strung alongside the road. No, we’re not talking about the wild turkeys rampantly running around in Kentucky. We’re talking about traffic cameras.

When you’re stopped at a traffic light, you see them. You might wonder if they actually work or not – even recalling a story about a friend who sped through a red light and nothing happened. You need better friends. Surely, they must be a scare tactic to keep drivers from speeding or running red lights.

Traffic cameras are alive and well. They enforce the rules of the road when drivers break them. We’re dispelling the myths behind the notorious Kentucky traffic cameras and telling you everything you need to know about them.

Traffic Cameras

You see them scattered along major roads and intersections. Part of the intelligent transportation system, the equipment are smart devices that operate remotely. Despite sounding like something out of a spy film, traffic cameras are common devices part of everyday life.

In short, yes, they work. Traffic cameras help enforce the speed limit and prevent drivers from running red lights at intersections. Using sensors located in the front of the camera, they predict the vehicle’s speed limit while approaching the red light. The cameras have scanners that track the speed of your car and inform the camera when to record if you’re driving too fast.

When running the red light, the traffic cameras will record the movement of your vehicle and snap a photo of you. This is where the notable bright flash of light comes from when you’re speeding through the intersection. Contrary to your belief that it’s a white flash of euphoria from a dopamine release because you broke the law.

Receiving a Traffic Ticket

After your vehicle information is recorded by the traffic camera, the data is sent to a 3rd party to be reviewed. While here, support will assess the recorded information to determine that a car violated the traffic laws, and not a deer running very fast through an intersection. After approval, the data is sent to the city government for further escalation. The recorded data is reviewed and a ticket will, at this point, be issued to the vehicle owner through the mail.

Then, one day, you open your mailbox to see an envelope from the city, who has just issued you a traffic citation. The rumors are true. Traffic lights work, and your friend was wrong. They’re watching you when nobody else is looking – not even the Kentuckian turkeys.

What to do with your Traffic Ticket

Now that you have a traffic ticket, what do you do now? You can pay the ticket and receive points on your record. You can fight it in court. Or, the most popular option, ask the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet if you can take Kentucky traffic school to dismiss the ticket and avoid getting points on your record. This will also prevent your annual auto insurance rate from increasing, by proving you’re a defensive driver. makes it easier for you to take traffic school and defensive driving courses, because we offer comedy-filled courses online! Instead of enrolling in a mundane, generic traffic school, where students find it hard staying awake, you can enroll in a comedy traffic school, where nobody wants to be there, but in a funny way.

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