Two of the greatest dangers you want to look out for on the road are blue shells and banana peels if you happen to run a plumbing company with your brother. For the rest of us, collision avoidance isn't so easy. No matter your instincts and reaction time, spotting hazards and avoiding potential collisions isn't easy without developing the correct habits. By exploring road safety ideas within an environment where you can have a little fun, you may be surprised how easy it is to develop those habits.
Studies have shown that we do our best learning when we're not studying, when we're not cramming, but when we're having fun. This is why you can remember the names of all seven dwarves but you can't remember your mother in law's middle name. Rote memorization doesn't cut it, and it doesn't do you much good. Combining improv theater, humor and good, solid driving knowledge helps to create an atmosphere where you can train yourself to be the kind of driver that can make it from Miami to Sarasota without being flattened by a runaway retiree, a feat few Floridians have accomplished. It's very hard to be so consistently on-your-toes that you are invulnerable to a collision. Rather, the idea is to develop the right habits, instincts and on-the-road behavior to greatly reduce your odds of getting into an accident. It's not just learning how to react more quickly, collision avoidance begins the minute you wake up in the morning. Just like getting over a hangover, it has a lot to do with things like getting enough sleep and hardwiring the right habits right into your driving behavior. If you want to try a new way to learn how to improve your driving abilities, or if you just find traditional driver's education to be dull as dull gets, improv based driver's ed may be exactly what you're looking for. Whether you have a background in theater or just want to have a little fun, many students learn better and faster in an improv based environment where humor and experimentation are welcome in comparison to a boring classroom setting where neither are allowed. Improving your driving abilities may save your life someday, it's a serious concern, but that doesn't mean you have to be so serious about it. Approach learning with a playful and curious attitude and you may be surprised where it leads you.