November and December are great months to travel and see California — especially for couples looking to get away. Here are seven of the top California destinations for couples to see in the late fall and early winter.

Monterey Wine Trail


The orchards along the Monterey Wine Trail harvest their grapes in the fall, making this the perfect time of year to tour the vineyards along the trail. If you come in November, you might be at the tail end of the harvest, but you’ll still get to hear about this year’s crop and see the grapes being processed.

Although the Monterey Wine Trail isn’t as widely known as some of California’s other wine regions, it’s ideal for couples. There are around 20 wineries on River Road itself, offering enough variety. The wineries usually aren’t as crowded as those in more popular areas, so couples can find a place to themselves.

Santa Ana’s Artists Village


Santa Ana’s Artists Village boasts over 40 art galleries, along with plenty of shops and places to eat. Because there’s so much to see inside, this is a good place to head when the weather’s foul or iffy. Best of all, there are several cheap restaurant options, leaving couples with more to spend on gifts for each other. It’s even easy to find a few holiday presents for hard-to-shop-for people.

Death Valley


November and December are both great months to see Death Valley, as the hot desert finally cools (a little). For couples who have never been to Death Valley, it promises a memorable experience that few other places in the world can provide.

San Francisco


San Francisco, with its consistent weather and varied activities, is fun to see any time of year. It’s sunsets, however, are particularly vivid and beautiful in the winter. Couples can find take their pic of activities during the day, and then find a romantic place to watch the sun go down. For many couples, the beautiful views may inspire some post-sunset festivities.



Disneyland often has special events around holidays, and the months of November and December have some of the biggest holidays to celebrate. Thanksgiving often lasts much more than a day, although there are certainly plenty of things to do in the park on Thanksgiving itself. Following Thanksgiving, Christmas and other winter holidays are celebrated with lots of fanfare.



Yosemite is beautiful all year long, and each season at the park has its own unique feel. While there may not be a particular reason to visit Yosemite specifically in November or December, the park shouldn’t be left off of any list of California travel destinations for couples. The national park has unparalleled sights, and it may be the most romantic place in the state for outdoorsy couples.

Palm Springs


Palm Springs is a classic winter destination, and December is a good month to see the city. It gets sun almost every day of the year, making it a good place to go as the weather becomes colder and skies become cloudier elsewhere in California. In addition to some world-class golf courses, Palm Springs also has a number of fine restaurants, bars, casinos and clubs. It’s venues provide couples with plenty of variation.

No matter what you and your beloved enjoy doing, there’s a great place in California to go to during November and December. Pick one (or several) of these destinations, and have a great time.