If you are planning to party in California for Spring Break, make certain you don’t drive drunk, and know lots of other driving laws which are specific to the state.

For instance, hands-free devices are required for any driver trying to use their cell phone. If that driver is under the age of 18 they are not even allowed to use a hands-free device; cell phones are completely off-limits.

In addition to the limits California places on cell phone use behind the wheel, they also frown on texting, sending emails or surfing the web from a handheld device behind the wheel. All of those activities are completely illegal and police will pull you over and write you a citation if they see you doing it.

It is also important to understand that California is one the states which has adopted a ‘move over’ law. that means if you see a stationary vehicle with emergency lights flashing parked on the side of the road California law requires you to move your vehicles to the lane farthest away from that vehicle and greatly reduce your speed.

It is ok to head out for Spring Break, forget about the homework, parents, whatever has been bugging you all year long so you can focus on having a good time. Everyone understands the importance of having a good time when you are young enough to enjoy it. But just because it’s Spring Break doesn’t mean it’s ok for you to risk your life and the life of everyone you are sharing the road with. It is also NOT ok to break state driving laws.