AB 2293

Ridersharing companies like UBER and LYFT and their drivers have to buy insurance to cover them when they are driving passengers AND when they are logged in to the apps looking for customers. The law goes into effect 7/1/15.

AB 2013

Increases an extra 15,000 “carpool lane stickers” for the PLUG-IN hybrids, electric and gas cars.
The entire list of eligble vehicles is HERE!

SB 1077

Requires the California Transportation Commission to create a “Road Usage Charge” study group to create a program that will change the way motorists are taxed from a GASOLENE TAX to a “miles per driven” tax. This is a VERY problematical law (a “pilot program” must go into effect by 1/1/17 and an evauation of it done by 6/30/18) because it involves how they will find out how many miles any one of us drive, and the privacy concerns that accompany them. This comes as the growth of “alternative fueled vehicles” grows and gas taxes drop.

AB 1660

FEHA Prohibits Discrimination based on Driver’s License for Undocumented Workers. …makes it a violation of the Fair Employment & Housing Act (FEHA) to discriminate against an individual because he/she holds a driver’s license indicating the worker is undocumented.

Last year California enacted AB 60 which authorized the Department of Motor Vehicles to issue a special driver’s license to an undocumented person.   AB 60 also amended California law to prohibit businesses from discriminating against individuals who hold or present such driver’s licenses. This law amends the FEHA (Government Code section 12940 ) to:

  • prohibit discrimination against an individual because he or she holds or presents such a drivers license
  • prohibit an employer from requiring a person to present a driver’s license, unless possessing a driver’s license is required by the employer and the employer’s requirement is otherwise permitted by law.

AB 1660 does not affect an employer’s rights or obligations to obtain information required under federal law to determine identity and authorization to work. It does provide that driver’s license information obtained by an employer shall be treated as private and confidential; and exempt from disclosure under the California Public Records Act; and shall not be disclosed to any unauthorized person or used for any purpose other than to establish identity and authorization to drive.

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