Every year the state of Texas vies for the most drunk driving fatalities on it’s roadways of any state in the nation. The problem is endemic, as drinking and driving is still not taken as seriously in the Lone Star state as it is in others. In 2012, 1,296 people died in alcohol-impaired fatalities according to statistics, far and away the highest number of any state in the country. That’s over three people per day who died from drunk driving accidents in the state. California, which has a much higher population than Texas, was second on that list with 774 alcohol related fatalities, nearly 450 fewer. Below are the most dangerous counties for DWI related deaths in Texas.

Harris County

The county that makes up much of the Houston metroplex not only has the highest DWI fatality rate in the state of Texas, but the highest in the nation’s populous counties. It is an incredibly dangerous place to be on the road, especially at night when more people have been drinking

Dallas County

The county which holds much of the city of Dallas is not surprisingly second on the list of most dangerous counties for DWI fatalities in the state of Texas, as it has an incredibly high population density and covers a lot of area. It’s dangerous to drive in the Dallas metroplex after dark.

Bexar County

The county that holds much of the city of San Antonio is neck and neck with Dallas County for DWI fatalities. Authorities there have recently instituted a policy of making people who are arrested on suspicion of DWI take a breathalyzer, urine or blood test at the station, no longer allowing them a choice.