Pennsylvania Defensive Driving Course
Opened up a new approach about driving. - Brad A.
Great course I highly recommend it for everyone that needs to take an online traffic school. - Gino C.
I found the course very helpful and informative. - Diane P.
I learned a lot of good information and it was easy to digest. - Diane S.
Despite the course being easy to get through, I really did learn a lot of things that will help me to be a better driver. - Sari N.
This is always interesting to me. This is like a refresher course because you really don't keep all the safe driving info at the forefront of your mind. In addition, you work at your own speed when doing it online. I prefer the online course rather than sitting in a classroom. This is great! - Michelle F.
The Improv traffic school is great. you learn, have fun and complete your school. Great!! - Robert L.
I find myself using the things already that I've learned in this course. - Samuel J.
This is the easiest way to review your driving skills and at the same time, comply with the law by taking an exam. I have to say that I will recommend this to anyone. - Adriana F.
I wish the new drivers today were mandated to take this course. There are so many people who do NOT know the rules of the road and they do think driving is their RIGHT . They don't understand the power in their hands to either be safe or a danger to themselves and to others. Thank you, it was a pleasure. - Charlene R.
I recommend this course to everyone .It was very rewarding and benefiting. I had a lot of fun. - Kathy C.
Excellent course. Would recommend to anyone that needs a course of this type for any reason. - Timothy T.
Thanks for so well designed and delivered course, it is very useful for any drivers. It will help me to keep better control while driving. - Vladimir L.
Awesome COURSE! VERY Entertaining and Funny, while providing necessary facts and information, and fulfilling criteria for the NYS Defensive Driving Course. FANTASTIC way to make otherwise boring material come to life and actually be interesting and easy to remember! - Fernando M.
Highly recommend your course if one must attend traffic school! - Cindy Y.
Informative statistics and educational facts that are eye-opening. I'm certainly more self aware of what I'm doing on the road now after taking this course. - Aaron L.
The internet course was great, I work all day and the versatility of the course was perfect for me. - Christopher Z.
Easy to read, good design, customer service was very helpful. - Amanda W.
I was very impressed with Improv Driving School, it was fun, fast, and informative. - Kellen S.
Thank you it was a learning experience and lots of helpful hints to make driving safer for me and others. - Nancy L.
Excellent content and it made me aware of things. Good reminders for everyone. - Lorenzo K.
I really enjoyed this online course. - Taylor L.
I actually learned a lot and felt like it wasn't a chore to learn it. - Kristen P.
I love the internet course because its convenient and I can do it in my own time, instead of having to take up a whole Saturday. I really like it! - Sharon S.
Pennsylvania Defensive Driving Course