New Mexico driver’s license holders may take a New Mexico DOT-approved Driving Safety (aka defensive driving) course if they received a non-moving violation traffic ticket and were referred by a court for either:
1) Ticket and point dismissal
2) Reduction of court fees

In addition, many insurance companies will give an insurance premium reduction for taking a defensive driving course. Be sure to check with your insurance company and ask them:
  • What amount you will receive off of your premium
  • How long will you receive the discount
  • Whether or not you can take the course again prior to the discount expiring so that the discount will be extended for another discount term
  • When the discount will go into effect once you submit your certificate of completion to them
Yes. Our course is approved with the New Mexico DOT/Transportation Safety Center (TSC). Below is a link to the list of approved providers:
Online courses are listed as “Correspondence Schools”
We are listed under Defensive Driving by Improv
Ticket and point dismissal is granted on a case-by-case basis in New Mexico, so requirements will differ from court to court. Generally, the court will grant you permission to take a driving safety course if:
  • You have not taken a driving safety course to dismiss a ticket or reduce points on your driving record within the past 18 months*
  • You have a valid, non-commercial license
  • The violation was not a criminal offense
  • Your license is not currently suspended or revoked

  • It is always best to contact your court by phone or in person prior to the date indicated on your ticket, and inquire as to whether you are eligible for ticket dismissal by completing an approved defensive driving course.
    * The Court has the authority to override general rules with regard to the frequency in which you will be granted permission to take a driving safety course for ticket/point dismissal.
The course consists of eight (8) easy-to-follow modules, and a final quiz.
The New Mexico Traffic Safety course meets the 6-hour state requirement, but including time for breaks, the course takes a total of approximately 5 hours to complete.
No. It is up to you how long you want to spend in the course at once. If you would like to end your session, you may logout of the course at any time. When you are ready to continue taking the course, simply log back into the course and you will resume the course where you last left off. All time spent in incremental sessions will be counted toward the cumulative total time spent in the course.
Yes. Each chapter is followed by a 10-question quiz. In order to proceed to the next chapter, you must get 8 of 10 correct answers (80%). But don’t worry! If you do not pass a chapter quiz, you will be able to re-take the quiz until you do pass. Not only is there NO way to fail, you will definitely learn from your mistakes in the process!
There will be a 50-question final quiz at the end of the course. To pass this final quiz, you must answer 70% of the questions correctly (35 correct answers). But no need to worry about this either! You will receive unlimited attempts to pass the final quiz. So again, there is NO way to fail the course.
YES! You are guaranteed to pass the course if you complete all chapters and the final quiz. You will be given unlimited attempts to pass any of the short end-of-chapter quizzes or the final quiz so failing is not an option.
Yes. New Mexico law requires this course to be at least 6 hours in length (excluding allowable time for breaks). In order to comply with this law, we are required to activate timers. The amount of time remaining to complete a chapter and proceed to the next chapter will be displayed on the lower right side of the page while logged into any chapter. The timer displays amount of time remaining and continues to count down to zero in real time. Once the timer has reached zero (“0”), you may continue to the chapter quiz and then to the next chapter.
The chapter timers represent the minimum amount of time required per chapter, and are configured as follows:
Chapter 1: 15 Minutes
Chapter 2: 30 Minutes
Chapter 3: 75 Minutes
Chapter 4: 45 Minutes
Chapter 5: 60 Minutes
Chapter 6: 60 Minutes
Chapter 7: 10 Minutes
Chapter 8: 5 Minutes
300 Minutes Total
The course is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Yes. Students taking the course for traffic ticket dismissal are eligible for the insurance discount. Please make a photocopy of your certificate of completion and submit the copy to your insurance company:
Do not leave your computer while logged in to the course. Per state requirements, the course is configured to include personal validation questions which will appear at random times during each chapter throughout the course. Questions must be answered correctly within 90 seconds. If you answer a question incorrectly or do not answer within the allotted amount of time, you will be logged out of the course and further time spent will not be included toward the required minimum course time until the question has been correctly answered.
No. Please note that New Mexico courts only accept original certificates(no instant downloads required) so be sure to complete the course in enough time to allow for certificate mailing. Expedited mailing options are also available at an additional cost if you need your certificate in a hurry.
No, we will never delete paid records. However, be sure to complete the course in enough time to allow for certificate mailing so that you may satisfy the due date ordered by the court.
Upon successful completion of the course we'll mail you a certificate of completion the very next day via the shipping method you chose during registration. The certificate is an original certificate (Green background / Ivory frame) – Please submit this original certificate to the Court on or prior to the due date.
We recommend that you make a photocopy or scan and save the certificate to your computerprior to submitting the original certificate to the court:
  • For your records – Please retain a copy for your records.
  • Insurance Discount – If a discount is available on your auto insurance premium for taking a defensive driving course, please submit a copy to your insurance company.
If your driver’s license is from a state other than New Mexico, taking a NM Driving Safety course will not guarantee that your home state will not assess points or enter a moving violation on your driving record. You should check with your home state authorities to determine what rules apply.
If you hold a New Mexico Driver’s License and get a ticket in a state other than New Mexico, you are not eligible to take the New Mexico Driving Safety Course. Please check with the authorities in the state in which you received your ticket for available options.
Generally, you may take the Traffic Safety course once every 18 monthsto keep a moving violation traffic ticket (and associated points) off of your driving record. However, the Court has the ultimate authorityto override general rules.
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