Connecticut Defensive Driving Course
The information was presented very well. It was entertaining while still being very informative. Your course is the best presentation meeting the ultimate goal of helping the student to become a safer, more alert, thoughtful, careful, prepared and informed driver. - Susan C.
This course rocks! I totally appreciate the humor! - Dawn P.
I have received more information that I never knew about. To name a few: impairment, driving angry or tired, etc. Thank you very much. - George R.
The way the content was written made it easy to learn! - Gregory K.
Awesome, Loved it from start to finish! - Reinaldo L.
It was surprising well done and informative. I actually felt like it made it into a learning experience and something that made up for the disappointment of having to pay for a ticket. Thanks! - Jeffrey B.
Great course, fun, and funny; entertains while pumps the brain! Learned a lot! - Lakea J.
This is by far the best defensive driving course I have taken so far and I will DEFINITELY use it in the future and recommend it to others. The funny photos and comics keep it entertaining and it is very easy to navigate, read and understand. - Kylie G.
This was the best driving school I have ever attended and I have learned a lot and this course have opened my eyes to drive more careful and more safe a respect people on the road - Ronald B.
Wonderful course!! I liked it very much. It gave me a lot of tips. Although I am a careful driver, I have to tell all my friends about this course. - Jacob G.
My husband and I just finished the course and now our four kids are taking it. It was fun and informative. After 33 years of good driving you really do realize there are some things that you forget about or don't realize you could do differently. - Nancy C.
Great course. Much more convenient than spending hours in a class. - Richard R.
I found the course very helpful and informative. I have suggested it to several of my friends and coworkers in an effort to help mankind on the road. - David S.
Great and easy experience to be completed at ones leisure. - Lizzette S.
Very informative and convenient to do. The test is educational. - Mukul V.
I actually learned a few things and I have been driving for over 50 years!! - Diane S.
The course was very informative and I really did learn a lot about all the correct rules of driving. - Kelly L.
Very good use of comedy! Kept your attention and got the point across! - Deanna J.
I really enjoyed taking this course because I learned a lot of facts I did not know before hand. I am only 20 years old and I remembered a lot from my drivers education class, but I learned a lot still by taking this course. - Danielle C.
Took course through internet first time ever in my life. It was very easy, relaxing, fun and interesting. - Misuk B.
You were recommended to me by a family member and I am very glad I took their recommendation. I really did learn a lot of things I did not know (or forgot) about driving. Also saw how my attitude is a major factor in how I got a ticket, I was in a rush because I left late and blamed everyone else on the road for driving too slow. Yea right, my bad! - Margaret H.
The humor definitely made this course palatable! I would recommend this course hands-down to anyone needing to do traffic school. - Nadeen H.
I wish I did not have to complete the course, but I had a great time. - Eugene R.
I felt it was more convenient to take it at home where you could stop and start as needed. The content kept my interest. The humor aspect made the course much more enjoyable. Would definitely take this course again. - Cheryl B.
Connecticut Defensive Driving Course