Alabama Defensive Driving Course
The course was very easy and simple. Making your own schedule was very convenient. - Rame O.

I’ll recommend this course to my friends and family over the classroom course. - Flamur V.

This is a big improvement over sitting in a stuffy library with a bunch of coughing classmates. It’s also nice to be able to make a cup a coffee between tests. Thank you. - Keven B.

I loved it. Funny, fast and very helpful for someone that doesn’t have the time to go out and take a class. - Karina M.

Great content and presentation. Easy to do at your leisure. - James P.

This was a fantastic alternative to the classroom setting and the material made me laugh out loud several times throughout the course! Great job! - Kimberly D.

Great course. Much more convenient than spending 6 hours in a class. - Richard R.

The online course was very interesting and convenient. - Graciela P.

It was both a good refresher coarse and a source of some new and useful information. - Michael S.

I enjoyed the way this course was presented. It held my interest and made me laugh which kept my interest. - Amy A.

Excellent course. Educational and informing. Definitely recommended for anyone out there looking for an online traffic school course. - Vo N.

The comics throughout really helped to make it enjoyable and lighthearted. There were so many things related to driving that I did not even consider one of which that driving angry also impairs my ability to operate my vehicle. - Nicolas R.

It was a great course and very well presented. - Alberta R.

Really enjoyed this course. Nice having the flexibility to come back to it whenever you like. - Thomas L.

Surprisingly, I learned a lot during this course and will be recommending Improv Traffic School to my friends. - Tamar B.

It was a very interesting course the way it was presented and was very easy to follow along. Like the comedy mixed in, it helped to keep focused. Overall excellent course and I would and will recommend it to everyone. - Thomas S.

Excellent on line course and easy to follow. I enjoyed the text and know I will be a better driver. - Barbara B.

This was very entertaining while being educational. I would recommend this to everyone who needs to take this class. - Traci E.

This course was an excellent and easy way for me to refresh my driving knowledge. It also reminded me that having a good attitude on the road will make me a better driver. - Maria K.

Liked the Improv course. It made the learning easy and fun while providing relevant information. - Nancy K.

I enjoyed this class very much. I believe it was a fun and enjoyable, making it very easy to continue to pay attention throughout the entire class. - Jordan K.

I like the course, because it’s only me and the reading the info on the screen. I don’t have to listen to the question by some drivers that you hope never to be on the same road with. I love the jokes, which made it more interesting. This is my 2nd time taking your class and I have recommended to so many friends and family members. The best part is, I can take it on my time, in my comfort zone. The explanations are so clear. Over all a great way to get discount on car insurance and very affordable course. Thank you. - Gracijela K.

I have enjoyed this course very much. I really liked the humor. having driven for 50+ years you can still learn something new. I have 99% obeyed the traffic laws during my driving years. I am trying to instill this into my grandchildren as they begin driving. I keep telling them why the speed and other signs are there for a reason, for everyone’s safety. thank you again for an interesting course. - Joy K.

If you are going to take this on-line, it’s a great one to take! - Suzanne V.

Alabama Defensive Driving Course