Happy New Year California! Are you ready for the new year and new traffic laws? If not, we have a break down for you so you can drive safe, and legal in the state this coming year.

* For those who are foolish enough to drive under the influence alcohol know that police can no longer force to submit to a urine test. This was once an option, instead of a blood test, but legislators have decided the blood test will do just fine. (And it’s much more accurate.)

* For anyone driving a ‘party bus’ know this: You are responsible for making certain all passengers consuming alcohol are aware of the law. If alcohol is present in your vehicle (as part of a party in process) you are required to have a person 25 years or older who can supervise what is happening while you are driving around.

* Voice activate devices can now be used by drivers to send and receive text messages. Using devices which are not hands-free is still a violation of the law and police can stop you, and ticket you for it. This will mean fines, fees and points added to your license.

* Drivers may now use their smartphone (or whatever handheld device) to show proof of insurance during a traffic stop, if their insurance company provides this service. Although they still are not allowed to access this information while driving as that violates the distracted driving law.

* Self-driving cars will be allowed on all public roads as long as a fully licensed and capable driver is sitting in the right seat and able to take control.