Raising small children is tricky, at best. But it doesn’t get any easier when those small children turn into teenagers or young adults. In fact, some might say the job gets infinitely more difficult.

As the parent of teenager you can be prepared for dating, college prep and an assortment of adult-oriented things, but trying to get them ready to take control of a three thousand pound hunk of steel and glass and plastic that travels at speeds in excess of 100 mph can be too much for anyone. Teen drivers are sometimes to themselves and others.

Fortunately, the California Department of Motor Vehicles is providing some online help designed to get parents and teenagers on the same page and help them prepare for all the dangers they may face behind the wheel. The new web site is called ‘Let’s Get it Started’ and it has been created as a way of helping everyone having an easier time when it comes to teenagers and driving.

The webpage explains how to apply for a driver license, the cost, and specific instructions for young drivers. Teens can find out how to make an appointment, find a field office and calculate fees to register their vehicle.

Parents can learn about their roles and responsibilities including useful information to help young drivers stay safe on the road.

In addition to driving safety, DMV also provides helpful tips and resources on low cost insurance, how to save gas, preparing for college and getting a job.

— Checklist for Vehicle Registration

— Apply for a Provisional Permit

— Practice Written Test

— Distracted Driving

— Money Saving Tips

— Preparing for College

— Joining the Workforce