If you happen to be vacationing in Nevada, amassing traffic citations as you enjoy the sights, sounds and shows, don’t think your worries will end once you are back home again.

In fact, Rapper, Mogul and Entrepreneur Marion “Suge” Knight learned this very valuable lesson after being stopped by police for a traffic infraction. Police discovered he had a few outstanding traffic warrants, in addition to a new charge for suspicion of marijuana possession, and he was promptly arrested.

The same is true just about any where you drive these days. Many states are also connected to a nationwide data base for traffic infractions, so once you get home your local BMV might just pass along the fines you received while you were out-of-state. In today’s digital age you simply cannot hide from your traffic citations.

Suge was spotted making an illegal turn and changing lanes without signalling on the Veags Strip last week and police immediately pulled him over. A quick check of his license showed his outstanding warrants, one for driving on a suspended license, and he was arrested on the spot. He was later released on $2,600 bail.

There is no reason to let traffic citations pile up and go unanswered. If you get busted by the police for something, even something you consider minor, make certain you find out what you owe, how you pay it, who you pay it to and when it is due. Then get it taken care of. Nothing will spoil your Las Vegas vacation quite like a night in jail and the best way to avoid this is to take care of your business in a timely fashion.

Even if you don’t end up in jail, you will end up on the wrong side of the law, with points piling up on your license and/or your license suspended. So don’t let a traffic citation follow you around forever, because eventually it will catch up with you.

Image: Nikolay / FreeDigitalPhotos.net