Our driver safety tips will assist you in developing good road habits that will steer yourself, your passengers, and your car out of the way of danger.

We keep you updated with the latest in car safety technology while informing you on the best driving tips and vehicle information. We'll tell you how to avoid accidents and emergencies as well as how you can keep your family safe out on the roads, plus much more.

Driving Safety Tips


From the National Highway Traffic Safety Administratoin

Bicycle Safety

Rules of the Road

Fitting A Bike Helmet

Bike Riding Safety


Child Passenger Safety


Choosing a Child Safety Seat

The Right Seat

Rear-Facing Seat with a Seat Belt

Rear-Facing Seat with LATCH

Rear-Facing Convertible with Seat Belt

Rear-Facing Convertible with LATCH

Fwd-Facing Combo with Belt/Tether

Fwd-Facing Combo with a Seat Belt

3-in-1 Fwd-Facing Seat with LATCH

Combo Seat as a High-Back Booster

High-Back Booster Seat

Using a Backless Booster Seat

Beyond Booster Seats