If you’re not from Texas, you need to be prepared for a very different way of life. Those living in the heart of Texas not only love their country and their state, but they’re willing to go the extra distance to prove it. This is a place to enjoy the hospitality, but definitely not a place you want to make assumptions. If you’re thinking about where exactly to go, try these hot spots for extra fun. We’ll give you destinations beyond just the big cities whether you’re going East, West or you just want a romantic getaway.

East Texas Vacation Destinations



When people think of Texas, they may think dusty, dry and hot. But parts of Texas are incredibly lush, and nowhere is that more evident than in Tyler. This is the Rose Capital, and you can attend its flower festival in October and visit the nation’s biggest municipal rose garden in the heart of the town any time you want.



That’s right, that’s the town’s actual name. It’s small, but its lakeside location makes for a fun place to visit without the fanfare and tourist traps you’ll find in the bigger cities. Take a guided boat tour, do some bird watching or catch the turtle pilgrimage when the females come to lay their eggs.

Camp Lucy


Located in Dripping Springs, this getaway spot is an exercise in luxury. With a vineyard, inn and chapel located on the property, this is a good place to eat some gourmet food and soak in the sun.

West Texas Vacation Destinations

Big Bend


This National Park is the best place to go if you’re in West Texas, and it’s an excellent place to get back to nature. With more than 100 miles of the Rio Grande and 801,000 acres of land to explore, you’ll find plenty of wildlife and plant life.

Marfa Lights


This recommendation is a little specific, but it will be worth it. The actual town is full of history on its own, but it’s famous for its mysterious lights that appear on the horizon at nighttime. It doesn’t happen every single day, but chances are, you’ll probably get at least a glimpse. No one yet knows what causes these lights, making them that more thrilling to the visitors who frequent this spot.

Hueco Tanks


This is another state park near El Paso. Though not as big as Big Bend, you can see the cave paintings and do some serious rock climbing on its stunning stones.

Texas Vacation Spots for Couples



This spa is tailored to pampering the power couple who is just looking for a weekend of peace away from the things that make them stressed and sick. This oasis encourages both you and your better half to live healthier, more balanced lives. Plus, it’s located in Austin which is already a city made for exploring with the one you love.

Ant Street Inn


Located right in the thick of the action in downtown Brenham, this place prides itself on furnishing the extra touches. From the stained glass to the oriental rugs, you’ll see why their attention to detail make this place special. The charming town has a variety of fun activities as well, so chat up the locals and start finding the best places to get dessert or a good glass of wine.

NYLO Dallas Southside


Trendy, upscale and very modern, this hotel celebrates the finer things in life. Come sample its art, music and sophisticated fare. This eco-friendly place wants you to revel in the best of Texas’ past and present in style.