You hold your breath as you carefully turn on your blinker to make a right turn onto a four-lane road. Your passenger helpfully advises, “Get into the left lane,” and you do. And that’s why you flunk your driving test — you should’ve gotten into the right lane, then signaled, looked over your shoulder and changed lanes. Darn it!

If you were unsuccessful on the first try at your driving test, it probably made you feel like a big old loser. After all the buildup, having to retake an online driver’s ed course or going to work and telling people you failed felt like wearing a “dunce” cap and sitting on a stool in the corner.

You’re not alone, if you’re one of the many people who didn’t pass right away. In the ‘90s, the state of California actually made its driving test easier because so many people — 64 percent! — were flunking on the first try. But anyone who’s failed their driving test for making a simple error can’t hold a candle to some people who have failed their tests in spectacularly bad fashion. Here are the TOP 3 offenders:

Sink or swim

River Car

One lady in England reportedly showed up to take her test — for the fifth time — and drove straight into a river. Luckily for her, her swimming skills got her back to shore. The instructor wasn’t so lucky, however. He climbed on the roof of the car and yelled for help.
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Take it to the bank

Bank Car

In another widely reported case of flat-out nutty driving tests, a woman failed because within 10 seconds of getting behind the wheel, she drove into a bank and flipped her car on its roof.

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If at first…

For some reason, many of the craziest driving tests tend to pop up in England — driving on the wrong side of the road, maybe?

In one widely publicized case, a 42-year-old man reportedly failed his driving test 36 times. But, good news, the 37th time was the charm!

Another 30-year-old man still hadn’t passed after 86 tries…

And another English lady was said to have failed her driving theory test some 110 times

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Why is it so hard for some people?

The requirement of a test to get a driver’s license exists in some form throughout the world, and road tests are designed to test a driver’s ability under normal conditions. In the United States, one of the reasons that passing driving tests can prove difficult is that they can vary by state.

Just before the turn of the 20th century, New York City and Chicago became the first places to require passing a test before being allowed to drive a vehicle. In 1903, Missouri and Massachusetts became the first states to require that drivers have licenses, but Missouri didn’t require a test!

Your mileage may vary

Since then, there’s never been a standardized driving test in the United States, and driving requirements vary. In South Dakota, you must be 14 years and 3 months old to get a restricted license. In New Jersey, the age is 17. Drivers younger than 18 typically are required to take some type of driver education course before testing for a license. In New York, that restriction also applies to adults driving for the first time.

Driving can be tough

With all the varying restrictions, it’s no surprise that some would-be drivers won’t pass their test on the first go — or maybe even the 10th. But as with many activities in life, practice makes perfect.
For drivers who have received a moving traffic violation or wish to earn a discount on car insurance, defensive driving courses or traffic schools can be the solution. If you’ve gotten a traffic ticket, traffic court in your county may let you go to traffic school to have the ticket dismissed with no points added to your record. If you voluntarily enroll in traffic school, you may even earn a safe driver discount from your car insurance company.