New York state legislators are looking to increase the fines for drivers who violate school bus safety laws, either passing stopped school buses or failing to slow down.

If state senators have their way,drivers who pass a stopped school bus in New York could end up paying a $1,000 fine, have five points added to their license and have their license suspended for as long as two months.

School buses are usually on the roads only when they transporting students, children, to our from school or school-related events. When their lights flash and they slow or stop they are picking up or dropping off students, children. Drivers who fail to yield for school buses are endangering the lives of children. Usually they do this for no good reason. Maybe they are late for work, or trying to get to the grocery school, but whatever the reason, they are risking the lives of children to do it.

To counter what they see as a real threat to public safety New York legislators want to impose serious penalties on drivers who put children at risk. Passing a stopped school bus is never a good idea-you have no idea what the children may be doing, which direction they are crossing and how many kids are coming out. That’s why you are required to stop until the school bus driver turns off the lights and gives you the signal to move again.

School bus safety to more than just a good idea; it saves lives, children’s lives, every day, by making drivers yield to the vehicles which carry them to and from school. By increasing the penalties for not yielding to school buses state legislators are doing their part to keep children safe. Now all drivers have to do is use their common sense and they can do the same thing.