And the winner of the award for longest daily commute goes to….every New York driver who commutes.

Yes, New York has once again won the contest for longest daily commute, with most drivers spending almost 35 minutes behind the wheel every single day. This might be more or less than you drive, but remember–that’s the average in New York. Some drivers around there are spending a whole lot more time behind the wheel just to get to work every day. Of course, when asked, some drivers say they prefer the long commute to taking public transportation. Even with the nation’s best public transportation system they believe getting around by bus or train will take them even longer.

But New York actually has the highest percentage of people using public transportation to get to and from work. Almost half of every one going to and from work uses public transportation in New York–of course within the city limits this is likely a much easier choice to make than for someone who commutes from New York to New Jersey.

Of course we offer our online defensive driving course ny for this exact reason: some people just have to drive. Whether they are going to work, or to the grocery store, or to pick up the kids from school, or out to a movie; some people have no choice but to get in their car and drive there. The more prepared they can be for that trip and the risks and hazards it presets, the better off they will be and everyone else on the road with them.

Despite having the longest daily commute, at least New York drivers don’t have to sit in the worst traffic. The city only ranked fifth on the list of cities with the worst traffic.