A New York woman was arrested yesterday after police found a whopping 92 pounds of marijuana in her vehicle. What makes this more surprising is that police pulled her over because she was not wearing a seat belt and was talking on her cell phone while driving, a clear violation of the New York state law banning such activity.

Police thought they had a slam dunk when it came to the seat belt violation and the violation of the hands-free law, but they hardly realized just what a haul they were about to make.

But wait, there’s more: Police told reporters that they initially became suspicious of the driver, Mizzie Artis, of Long Island, when they saw her driving a 1999 Hyundai without a seat belt and while using her phone. Rather than pull her over right away, however, they simply followed her for a few minutes and saw her meet with a man in a mini van before speeding off. They also saw her run a stop sign and fail to use her turn signal while making a turn. That’s when they finally had enough and decided to pull her over.

Needless to say she was charged with possession of marijuana, no seat belt, failure to stop at a stop sign, failure to properly signal for a turn and violation of the New York state hands-free law.

Not they we think she should have gotten away with it, but if she had been a good defensive driver, she likely would have.