You’re seeking a coming-of- age story—you, your best friends, and the open road. Or, you’re
middle-aged, trying to escape suburbia and relive the glory days. But whether you’re seeking to
live out Motorcycle Diaries or the equally acclaimed Wild Hogs, what better place in the entire
world to do it than the state of New Jersey? If you’re exhausted with complacency and seeking
adventure, then buckle up while we give you New Jersey facts to help you live out your story.
And try not to become a violent revolutionary in 1950s Cuba.

Quality Sleep Wherever You Go

Heed not weary travelers, your aching joints will finally find a cushiony mattress to catch some
sleep on during your journey. New Jersey may be one of the smaller states in the country, but
its stunning landscape is peppered with more than 300 hotels, bed & breakfasts, and resorts,
rich with early American history; among them, Cape May—one of the country’s oldest vacation
resort destinations.

You may not have gotten into AP US History, but you can finally take the field trip you missed out on—without those pretentious nerds incessantly suggesting new NPR podcasts to you.


With nearly 50 wineries across the state, New Jersey is the perfect destination for you to be a
reliable, designated driver for your friends. Nothing’s cooler than being the responsible friend or
partner, drunk and high only on the ceaseless beauty of a life driving through the Garden State.

Historic Locations

From the Revolutionary War reenactments at Monmouth Battlefield State Park, to the final
homes of Albert Einstein and Walt Whitman, to the point on the Delaware where George
Washington famously crossed in Christmas of 1776, the freedom of driving in New Jersey is
part of the same freedom enjoyed, celebrated, and secured by the history of these landmarks.
It’s the freedom to turn off the few moments of remaining history on the History Channel or toss
out your textbooks—and absorb the American story firsthand.

Gamblers Paradise

Something you should never gamble: your riskiness as a driver by not taking our online defensive driving course. Something you can sometimes gamble: small, responsible portions of money that you can afford to lose. Atlantic City is home to 11 casinos, perfect for those looking for a chance to win it big, perhaps to buy our online defensive driving course for friends and

Just like the subject header suggests, you can’t not have fun at the Six Flags resort in Jackson,
New Jersey. If it were up to us, we’d make it against New Jersey state law to not have
fun at the Six Flags resort in Jackson, New Jersey. But there’s really no use, since everyone
has fun at the Six Flags resort in Jackson, New Jersey.

State of Pickup Trucks

The pickup truck is the most popular car that is sold in the state of New Jersey. We can only
speculate why. Our best guesses:

● New Jersians carry a lot of things from place to place
● Driving a few feet above everyone is awesome
● It’s ingrained in friendly New Jersey culture to always be ready to help a friend move
● I mean pickup trucks are pretty sweet in general

I-95 Rest Stops

There exist 12 rest stop locations on I-95. For those small-bladdered folk, large drink fanatics, or rest stop explorers, New Jersey has more than enough to offer you.

National Parks

Within just about 9,000 square miles, the state of New Jersey contains 12 national parks, including a leg of the Appalachian trail, Ellis Island, and Paterson Great Falls. For those of us that love hiking, immigrants, and waterfalls—which is all of us, of course—we’re satisfied by just a fraction of what beauty and significance the National Park Service offers in New Jersey alone.