It’s an exciting time to be a California sports fan. Not only does the state get a new NFL team with the Los Angeles Rams, but championships are raining down: the San Francisco Giants have won three titles in the last decade while the Golden State Warriors are approaching dynasty status. If you’re a fan, however, it’s not enough to sit down on your couch and turn to a game. Being a sports fan means getting out and about, which means you need to get from point A to point B.

Drive To

What sports experience can compare with visiting the Oakland Raiders’ Black Hole or sitting courtside with celebrities at a Los Angeles Lakers game? Let’s face it, the game isn’t the same on television as it is at the stadium, being energized by the crowd, and there’s no easier way to get to the stadium than to drive. Some sports teams (most notably the Los Angeles Chargers) play in locations where it’s faster to get there by driving than by taking a train. Before you go, you need to be certain that you can handle California traffic. A CA traffic school can be the ace in your sleeve for maneuvering through the state that has more people than the 21 smallest states in the US, teaching you everything from defensive driving to handling traffic.

Viewing Parties

In the age of the 60-inch HD 4k flat screen television, every game is an excuse to have friends and family over to share in the game. You might not want to attend a viewing party for all 162 games of the Oakland Athletics’ schedule, but for opening day and playoffs, you’ve got to get to your friend’s man-cave for the first pitch, kick-off, tip-off, or faceoff. The good news is you don’t need to leave the house to learn how to leave the house: an online traffic school helps you get your driver’s training and license on the Internet rather than stand in line for hours at the DMV.

At the Bar

Every fan needs a watering hole to enjoy a victory or drown the sorrow of a defeat, especially if you’re a fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Since there are no bus lines and trains that run directly to your favorite sports bar, getting there and getting back (safely — with a designated driver when necessary) requires a car. That’s especially true if you’re a fan of a team but live in enemy territory and are looking for specific team bars, such San Francisco 49ers bars in the southern part of the state. Driver’s education and training not only helps you get to a place with pints and pizzas and picture-perfect TVs, but how to make certain you can parallel park when there’s only one spot left in the parking lot.

At the Parade

Some fanbases are lucky enough to see their team win ultimate glory with the championship at the end of the season (sorry, Los Angeles Clippers fans). One of the greatest benefits of your team winning it all is getting to take part in the parade afterwards, celebrating with thousands of your fellow fans. On a parade day when the public transport is totally swamped, you’ll certainly need your own car to get downtown and back. Driving schools will help you navigate through a sea of fellow fans, helping you to prevent an accident that might take you out of one of the biggest events of your life.