The best golfers head on out to the driving range on a regular basis. The golfer’s driving range is akin to the baseball player’s batting cage and the football player’s tackling dummy. This is the space to perfect your technique, get all those mistakes out of your system and develop muscle memory.

Why Regular Visits to the Driving Range are Worth the Money

Think back to the last time you spent an hour on the driving range. You likely thought long and hard about the nuances of your golf swing. Perhaps you worked out a kink that was responsible for your slice or hook. Maybe you experimented with different grips, back swings, follow-throughs or other subtleties. This is the small stuff that gradually adds up to determine your success on the course. You need ample time on the driving range to perfect your technique and become comfortable with each of the clubs in your bag. Just make sure you do not speed to get there, you may need to take a defensive driving course or traffic school to dismiss the speeding ticket.

Another excellent reason to drive on out to the range at least once per week is to befriend others who golf. This is an excellent opportunity to press the flesh with fellow golfers, round out your foursome and possibly even network with other professionals. If you are especially shy and hesitant to interact with others, try to key in on a conversation starter like GolfNow. This is a web-based tee time booking service for local golf courses. Ask others at the range if they have any experience with such online booking services for tee times and you just might establish the foundation for a friendship that lasts a lifetime.

If you don’t have the opportunity to introduce yourself to others at the golf range, you can still benefit from their presence. Take a step back from your tee and watch others “swing the sticks”. Pay particularly close attention to those who are striking the ball well and you just might learn something you can incorporate into your own swing.

Driving Ranges Have Evolved

If it has been years or decades since you visited a local golf driving range, it is time to dust off the clubs and head on out to check out all the high-tech advances. Modern day golf driving ranges are much different from those of yesteryear. Some feature golf simulators in the clubhouse. Other ranges like Top Golf make use of golf ball tracking technology that lets you know exactly how far and fast your golf ball traveled after you hit it.

This is accomplished by placing tiny microchips in golf balls to track driving time statistics. So, don’t assume a morning, afternoon or evening at the driving range will be uneventful. You can spend an hour at the golf simulator, an hour blasting away at golf balls tracked with computer chips and another hour or two socializing in the clubhouse over beers with fellow golfers.

Spice up Your Driving Range Experience

If you are hesitant to visit the driving range because you suspect it will be a bit boring, think again! Get creative by competing in an array of driving games with your friends and others at the range. See who can hit the ball the farthest and straightest. Have the loser buy a round for the rest of the crew. Increase the challenge and enjoyment by swinging with putters instead of drivers. Blasting a golf ball with a putter takes considerable strength and precision.

More importantly, going all out with your putter in-hand is fun! Liven up your driving range experience with such off-the-wall ideas and the experience will prove that much more memorable. So, go ahead and search the web for “driving range near me”, grab your golf clubs and head on out for some fun couple hours on the range.