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How to Get a New York Driver’s License

First, You Need to Get A Permit

Complete the Official DMV
Pre-licensing Course or
Driver Education Course

  • Go to a local New York state DMV or take course online (Make sure course is DMV-approved)
  • Pay fee for exam (Fees vary depending on company/school)
  • Complete the 5-hour driver education course and receive a course certificate (It’s a pass-only course)

Lastly, you will need to pass the New York state road test. Oh, but before you attempt to do that, those under 18 must have practiced driving with supervision for a minimum of 50 hours (at least 15 hours after sunset and 10 hours in moderate to heavy traffic).

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Pass the Road Test

  • Go to local NY DMV (See if you need appointment)
  • Pay fee for exam (Fees vary depending on city)
  • Drive well to extremely well and pass your road test! (If you fail, you can take it again, but you’ll pay additional fees)

Pass the official NY DMV road test… and BAM! You will receive an interim license which allows you to drive until you get the official photo-one-with-your-smiling-face-on-it in the mail in the following 2 weeks. You will be behind the wheel in no time!

No, only new New York drivers who are 18 or older can take the course online. If you are under 18, you will need to complete it in a classroom or take a drivers ed class in your school. See list of our partner schools who offer classroom instruction.

The New York Pre-Licensing Course, also known as the 5-hour driver education course, is a training course developed by DMV that provides information to new drivers, such as basic road rules, safe driving concepts, defensive driving skills, and other factors that affect driving to help drive them safely.

New drivers are required to complete this course (or Driver Education Course accredited by New York State) before they can schedule their driving test to receive their New York driver license.

Yes. Our NY Pre-Licensing education course is approved by the state of New York and the NY DMV.

Currently, the state rules require that classroom courses be a minimum of 5 hours of instruction time. More information about the online course time requirement should be available in a few months.

Starting July 2020, New Yorkers who are 18 years or older, will be able to complete the pre-licensing course 100% Online.

Starting in mid-2020 (exact date TBA), New Yorkers will be able to take this online course instead of going to an in-person, 5-hour pre-licensing course or in-classroom driver's ed class.

You can log out and back in to the driver education course as often as you like! The information will pick up where you left off.

We believe the certificate will be made available immediately upon completion; however, this information will be confirmed later in the year.

More info in June 2020.

Information to come via New York State.

Current courses include review-only quizzes. Whether or not the online course will have quizzes will be announced later in the year.

This information will be made available later this year.

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