New York has a reputation for being rough around the edges. People in this state who have taken their NY defensive driving course aren’t afraid of speaking their minds and doing what they want. With this rambunctious demeanor comes a bit of recklessness.

More specifically, reckless driving.

Driving in the Empire State, you’ll notice your fair share of traffic violators who have poor road communication skills or are obliviousness to road signs. Violating the traffic laws around New York may be common, but one should be commonsensical if they do not want to see an increase in their auto insurance. Here are the most common laws violated to be aware of:


Speeding is the most common violation New Yorkers make while behind the wheel. Whether in the city or the greater countryside, speeding is a temptation that has gotten the best of many of us. Police officers find themselves issuing tickets for drivers who are traveling over the speed limit more often than any other violation. Depending on where the driver is caught speeding, he or she can face fines upwards to $500 or more. How else do you think they coined the term “New York minute?”

Cell Phone Usage and Portable Devices

Despite the new laws, people have been using their cell phones or a similar portable device while zooming 65 MPH down NY roads. Texting while driving, reading the latest New York Times, or watching Seinfeld on their tablet are all things New Yorkers are getting caught doing. Distracted driving is dangerous, accidents occur when you least expect it.

Disobeying Traffic Lights or Signs

Just because traffic lights and signs are not verbally telling a New Yorker what they can or can’t do doesn’t mean you should shrug them off. If there’s one thing New York drivers are guilty of, it’s the ignoring the signs. They are known to blow through a red light or do a rolling stop at a stop sign. Taking the extra moment to obey traffic lights and signs can save the driver a hefty lump sum of money and avoid having to listen to the sound of a ticket being handed to them.

Reckless Driving

Road rage seems to be routine in the busier cities. A pedestrian can strut out in front of your car or a cyclist can zip between lanes. No matter the case, you would swear they’re doing it just to set you off. To help alleviate the frustrations of driving in busy cities, people might wail on their horns. When that doesn’t cut it, they resort to reckless driving. Controlling their anger isn’t something New Yorkers want to do.

Driving with a Revoked or Suspended License

Speaking of reckless driving, depending on the circumstance, you can get your license revoked or suspended. However, that doesn’t stop some people from saddling back up behind the wheel. In New York, one of the most common violations people get busted for is driving with a revoked or suspended license. When people are caught with a suspended or revoked license, the punishment becomes a worse than just a ticket payment. When you don’t have a license, don’t drive.

Failure to Turn

New York is a big state. They’re tons of people on the roads at any given point. That’s why signaling when you’re making a turn is detrimental to healthy road communication. What’s worse, is when a driver gets busted for failing to use their turn signal, they can face fines upwards to $80. That’s a lot of money for not taking 1-second to let everyone around you know you’re making a right turn.