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Traffic School by Improv Comedy Club was created over 20 years ago…

Our CA Traffic School was created in partnership with the World Famous Improv Comedy Club to make it Fun Fast and Effective. These Online Traffic School courses won copious accolades from students and the media, and were named Best Traffic School.

  • 100% Online
  • Unlimited Logins
  • No Proctored Exams
  • No Hidden Charges

How Does CA Online Traffic School Work?

Finish your California traffic school on the same day or take a month, as long as you complete it prior to any due date you may have. You decide how much time you want to spend on each session. You can login at any time and just pick up where you left off.

  • Watch an optional intro video
  • Review Chapter Material - Only 10 Chapters - No Timers Required
  • Finish by taking a Simple 25-Question Multiple Choice Quiz

Improv’s CA Traffic School is DMV Licensed and Approved by All Courts

Improv Traffic School is pleased to be approved by the State of California to offer you a certified CA Online Traffic School. To view our certification, click here.

We are licensed by CA DMV and All Courts

As of January 1, 2012, the court may determine if a driver is eligible for a traffic violator school. To qualify, according to California Vehicle Code Section 1808.7, the driver may have only one conviction in the previous 18 months, including this violation. If that is the case, it can be masked from public view. This date begins on the violation or citation date rather than the class attendance date. The court must hear all major moving violations, also known as 2-point violations. The court cannot send a driver convicted of a major driving violation to this school to mask the conviction (though the court can require it otherwise, it will not mask your driver’s violation.)

Do You Qualify for CA Online Traffic School?

To qualify for CA online traffic school, follow these steps:

  • Pay your court fees. You can then request permission from the court in person or at the CA Court Website.
  • Register for an online or a classroom DMV or Court-licensed course here.
  • Complete our course. We will then report your completion by the next business day. This will dismiss your case.

What If You Need More Time?

If you require more time to complete the course, contact the court, which imposed the sentence. The Department of Motor Vehicles in California has no ability to grant an extension.

Why Should You Attend a California Traffic Violator School?

Drivers who are eligible should attend. This will prohibit the insurance companies from knowing about your minor moving violation. If alerted of this, the insurance company may decide to raise your rate. You will also have points added to your license if you do not complete the course. This may lead to too many points, which could lead to a Negligent Operator charge. This could mean you will lose your ability to drive.

How to File a Complaint

All complaints must be filed in writing using the form at the following address:

Commercial Drivers

CVC Section 42005 prohibits those with a Class A, Class B or Class C licenses from attending a California Traffic Violator School as a way of dismissing the violation. This applies even in situations where the driver is not operating a commercial vehicle at the time of the ticket.

What Our Course Offers

You’ll go through each chapter and answer two to three review questions at the end, about 25 in total. The answers are all in the chapter just completed. You can miss up to five and still pass. There are no final tests. Our course is licensed by the CA DMV and all California Courts.

What Is the Cost?

There are four fees to take the program:

  • Course fees, which include your fine plus the traffic school processing fee
  • School fee

The court and state fees are set by the courts. Traffic School Fees differ between providers. Compare fees and notice any hidden fees, such as processing fees, audio fees or other charges. Our fees are affordable so you can get your completion certificate quickly.

Completion Certificate

Once you complete the Traffic Violator Course, we issue students a receipt for the fees paid and the completion certificate. Then, we electronically file your course competition with the court and DMV by the next business day unless otherwise noted.

What certificate delivery options do I have?

CA – A receipt of completion will be available for you to print out from your account as soon as you complete the course. This receipt is for your records. We notify the California DMV electronically of your completion by the next business day. The court will receive notice of your completion from the DMV and will update your case status. No other actions on your part are required, however we recommend checking your case status online (or call the court) after 7 – 12 days to make sure that your certificate has been accepted and your case has been closed.

  • Free electronic reporting to CA DMV
  • Free instant proof of completion for your records
  • Free passes to the world famous Improv Comedy Club
How long does it take for my certificate to be delivered?

In California we file completions electronically directly with the DMV by next business day.

My cert is due today. Can I still take your course?

Yes, as long as you complete the course on or before due date it should not be a problem. However we highly recommend that if possible you complete your course at least few days before the due date.

Do you send my certificate directly to the court?

As of January 1st, 2012. All completions are filed directly with the DMV. Courts will not handle traffic school completions. We will file with the DMV by next business day.

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I have to go to traffic school, why choose Improv?

    Only the Improv Traffic School can offer you traffic school courses that were developed with professional comedians and Hollywood writers to make traffic school fun - as well as educational. These are just a few reasons why we were voted "Best Traffic School":

    • Free Improv Comedy Club passes for two with your completion ($32 value)
    • 100% State Certified & Court-Approved
    • Free 7-day U.S. - based support
    • Members of both Better Business Bureau and BBB Online
    • Same day certificate processing and overnight delivery options available
    • Your course fee includes your certificate of completion mailed to you - AT NO EXTRA CHARGE.

    Is your school certified by the DMV/court?

    Yes. We are approved by all major California Courts.

    How many hours of traffic school do I need to take?

    Unless you were specifically directed to take more, you will just need to take the typical 8-hour class (which is really 6 hours and 40 minutes). However, because it's an online version of the classroom course, you can complete the material at your own pace as long as you complete at least one day before your court due date.

    I have a commercial driver license (CDL). Can I still take your course?

    No, not unless you have been specifically ordered by a judge to take the course.

About the Course

How long will it take me to complete this course?

The course is designed to take 6 hours, 40 minutes and meets the requirement of an 8 hour traffic school course. You can complete the material at your own pace, and log out and log back in as often as you want.

My completion due date is approaching. Will I have enough time to finish?

Depending on your court's completion requirements we may be able to transmit a certificate on your behalf by next business day. If your court requires you to submit an original certificate, we recommend that you select an overnight delivery option at registration.

I'm not an expert computer user. How technically difficult is your online course?

The course is designed to simply accommodate the most technically challenged. Our goal is to provide you with a fun, simple and effective course that is very easy to complete.

How does the DVD course work?

The DVD is course is easy! Just pop in the DVD, grab some popcorn and sit back! We are the only DVD course that's taught by a comedian. You will have fun while learning to be a better driver ...and it's easy!

But before you order it please make sure that your Court has approved our home study video course. If you are not sure, our web site will guide you through the process. Once you select CA you will be asked which Court referred you. Only those course formats approved by that court are offered to you.

The exact configuration of your course depends on which Court referred you. In some cases you will have 2 DVDs; in some cases you will have both a quiz and an exam. Regardless, as you watch the DVDs the instructor will give you the answers to validation questions that you must mark on an answer sheet as you go along (this is how the court is assured you watched the whole thing). Afterwards there will be a final quiz with multiple choice and true or false questions.

Once you have completed the course and filled out the final quiz/validation form you simply mail it all back to us. We process your completion approximately 1 business day after receiving your package.

Tests and Quizes

What happens if I fail my final quiz?

You have an unlimited number of attempts to pass the final quiz. The final quiz is all multiple choice or true/false questions based on the course material. You also have an option of printing the entire course chapters for open book review during the quiz.


How do I check if my certificate was posted?

We strongly suggest that you check with your court to make sure that the proper credit was posted against your case. Many courts would allow you to do this online or otherwise you would have to call the court.

We recommend that you wait at least 10 days after your completion before checking with the court, to allow proper processing time.

You can locate your court at

I got my certificate - now what?

Reporting requirements are different for each court. We will provide you with detailed instructions for your court once you sign up for the course. But in most cases your completion is reported directly to the court.

As Seen On
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