Florida is one of those states you do not want to get caught driving, without having on your seatbelt. If you come to Florida with the hopes of being greeted by friendly highway patrol officers, after you have been stop for a traffic violation, you can throw that thought right out the window. Once you are pulled over and given a traffic citation, the “Sunny State” won’t look so sunny anymore. Forgetting to turn on your turn signal or not yielding at the stop sign, these are sure ingredients for a traffic ticket. Anyone of these careless mistakes can land you in Improv Florida Traffic School.

You could take your case to court and hope the judge sees it your way, but why take the risk. The money you spend trying to prove you were framed could be better spent taking a driving course. Driving school isn’t really so bad, unless you have flashbacks about your childhood bully. Improv Traffic School adds life to an otherwise boring existence in the classroom. No one likes to read anymore, but this course makes learning fun and entertaining. Even if you read on a third grade level, you will thoroughly enjoy taking this course.

Sure a defensive driving course, sounds like you are learning new and innovative ways to protect yourself on the highway. If you see the way some people drive, you would probably want to pay double, to have their license provoked. Thankfully, Improv Traffic School has the right attitude about drivers who need to improvement your driving skills. The course is written by real comedians who actually live to make you holler and scream at the movie theaters. A classroom full of entertainers taking driving improvement class sounds hilarious. If you watched “Bad Boys” with Martin Lawrence and Will Smith, you will see why Improv Traffic School was written by Hollywood writers.

Neither Lawrence nor Smith can drive, but yet they have the best looking cars. Florida doesn’t care how your car looks, as long as it is drivable. After all, if you violate the traffic sign while you are riding your bike, you will get a citation. When you get your traffic ticket in Florida that is your welcome packet for new service. It is also a “thank you” for allowing us to serve you and take your money. Your welcome packet has a notice with the name, date and address of the place you need to be, to present your monetary offering.

You can volunteer to donate peaceably or you can put up a fight. If you lose the fight, not only do you have to pay administration fees, you still have to attend driving school. Chances are your grade school bully might be there too. However, if you choose Improv Traffic School as your protector, you will be safe from your childhood tormenter. Bullies don’t like to learn, so you probably won’t find them sitting in the classroom. Florida DMV knows everything about you including which foot you used to step on the accelerator.

One great defense Florida has is the option to choose your weapons. Do you choose to attend an onsite class, where the instructor is boring and long winded? Or do you choose to attend Improv Traffic School, where life is anything but boring? No need to bring the class clown, the coursework is funny enough. Bush implemented the “No Child Left Behind” program in the public schools. You will definitely not be left behind; when you finish your course you get your certificate the same day. Caution: if you don’t pay for your class you will be left behind or retained until you do.

Improv Traffic School makes passing your test so easy, even “Freddie Kruger” gets an “A” just for watching the movie. Learn to be a better driver, how to avoid being stopped and how to not get another thank you ticket from the Florida Highway Patrol officers. What are the chances of getting another ticket on your way to your driving defense class? That is scarier than Friday the 13th. Don’t risk it; visit Improv Traffic School today and sign up for the funniest and most serious driving course on the internet.

Florida Defensive Driving School