California Traffic School Course Testimonials

Very good — you made a potentially rather unpleasant experience both enjoyable and convenient. And, yes, I did learn some important things. It was an excellent refresher course and a good reminder of some things that are too easy to forget. Good work! - Wayne S., Newark, California

I enjoyed this course very much. I have never taken a driving course online before and I enjoyed it more than being in a classroom. - Christina T., Anaheim, California

Great way to do traffic school. - Pasquale, C. Sacramento, California

I actually feel I learned more on this online course than I have by reading the DMV book or taking traffic school in person. Very informative. I feel like a better driver after taking this program. - Bertha S., Fremont, California

Very simple and I loved being able to do it from home. - Kaylin H., Hesperia, California

I took the Improv Traffic School classroom course but this online traffic school is a much more convenient… - Allen K. San Gabriel, California

I really enjoyed this course. The videos were good and funny. Hopefully I won’t receive any more tickets, especially after taking your your course. In the event I did, I would use this same exact one. - Elizabeth N., Bryn Mawr, California

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I’ll use Improv Traffic School again if I ever need to do traffic school again. - Andrew F., Mission Viejo, California

I was surprised both to laugh while completely a task I was not looking forward to, and to learn a few things. I would totally recommend this course to others. I appreciated the course, thank you. - Lisa B., Laguna Niguel, California

Taking traffic school is never fun, but Improv does a good job making it as entertaining as possible. Great incentives and a good price, I will definitely recommend this course to anyone needing to go traffic school in the future. - Luana O., Martinez, California

It was nice reviewing some of the road rules I forgot about after all this time. - Ilya S., San Luis Obispo, California

After the traumatic experience of receiving a speeding ticket when I thought I was going at the speed limit, your comedic approach to taking the exam was most welcome and appreciated! - CJ B., Cotati, California

Easily the only way to go when completing traffic school. Very amusing and informative too. - Jason N., Orange, California

Pretty painless way to do Traffic School and a good value for the money. - Diana K., La Habra Heights, California

The course content was very well thought out and informative. I think EVERY single California driver should have to go through this course once every several years to be able to drive! I learned a lot! - Shannon C., Mission Viejo, California

I never thought traffic school could actually be so fun and informative at the same time! - Raul O., Newport Beach, California

It was good to get a fun feel for traffic school. Way better than attending the actual on site class. - Fausto E., Rancho Santa Margarita, California

Good program. Easy to follow. Your program makes traffic school as painless as possible. I started off with a different school, but the information was so dry and boring. I’m glad a friend recommended Improv. It made everything much easier. - Oscar S., Los Angeles, California

Great class, learned a lot good approach with combining the humor definitely made it a lot more enjoyable. - Lucas G., San Clemente, California

I would recommend this course to any person 50 years or older. I haven’t been to school in over 30+ years and I must say, I was intimidated by taking test or a quiz but with this online course it made me feel at ease. It made me WANT to finish it. Thank you for a good time and no I won’t be running a red light anytime soon. - Dolores S., Victorville, California

It was very educational and fun. Edutainment indeed! Thank You IMPROV! - Edna S., Orange, California

It was the most convenient, entertaining traffic school experience I’ve had. - Marcus D., Corona, California

I was pleasantly surprised that I was engaged in the course and took it seriously. I learned a great deal and realize that I need to work on controlling my anger when driving. This is a good constructive course that accomplishes the objective and it was convenient and a good value. - Bradford L., Dana Point, California

So happy that the online options is available because being allowed to log off and resume later is so much better than being in a classroom and overloaded with info for a whole day. WILL DEFINITELY DO THIS AGAIN!!! - Jennifer D., Tustin, California

Such an easy and fun way to attend class! - Stephanie M., Patterson, California

Thank you for the comic relief, it made the task a little easier to complete. I actually learned a great deal….much that I will pass along to my children in the future. - Kathleen N., Fountain Valley, California

I learned a lot throughout this course and it was entertaining too! - Andrew S., Anaheim, California

I enjoyed this version of traffic school and found it not only as a compliment to my hectic schedule but as a valuable learning experience. I will be more cautious on the road from now on. - Cruz A., Los Angeles, California

This is the second online traffic school course I have completed and it is the best of the two. - Jeffrey S., Long Beach, California

I actually enjoyed this, it was very informative and I laughed out loud too. - Lindsay E., Laguna Niguel, California

This class was fantastic. The comedians were great and it made it a fun, easy way to learn. - Anthony T., San Francisco, California

Made my experience enjoyable. If I had to do this again, I would definitely do it through Improv Traffic School without hesitation - Vincent U., Pomona, California

I learned a lot through this course and I had fun doing it. - Lauren T., Whittier, California

I very much enjoyed the ease of use of the website as well as the statistics and facts presented. As a bonus the jokes and comedians are a riot and I found the specific section on speed very educational and it really made me think that I was not saving much time at all by speeding and in actuality just stressing myself out. Thank you for best traffic school experience. - Arthur C. Oakland, California

Best online traffic school in California I’ve ever done! - Erin C., San Leandro, California

I took the entire course on my back porch next to the pool WOW! - Nelson G., Yucca Valley, California

For my first (and hopefully only) time completing traffic school, I had fun and really appreciated the convenience. - Heather K., Rancho Cordova, California

There was a long list provided by the court website for online traffic school choices. I am so happy with my decision to go with Improv Traffic School. When I got my ticket I was dreading traffic school. But Improv made it a fun learning experience. And it was easy! 🙂 - Candis R., Lake Elsinore, California

California Traffic School Course Testimonials