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California Driver ResourcesIf you need to get a traffic ticket dismissed or reduce a fine, a course in Defensive Driving by Improv may be just what you need. Defensive driving courses which are also referred to as traffic school may even help you get a better deal on your car insurance. Regardless of why you have decided to enroll in a defensive driving course, MyImprov.com is the perfect website for your needs. MyImprov.com has been designed with you in mind. Our easy to use website will help you meet your driving goals as you learn in a fun and educational way. Once you complete our course, you will receive a certificate of completion. We can even FedEx your certificate right to your door so that you have proof of completion as soon as possible.

Do you ever get upset at how expensive movie tickets are? Well, think about your traffic ticket like a movie ticket. Yes, it is overpriced, but you can get some entertainment out of it. It is important to remember, though, that not every ticket gains you admission to a defensive driving course.

Traffic school is not a solution for some offenses, like:

  • A “notice of violation”
  • Causing a serious accident

  • Getting a DUI
  • Criminal violations

Defensive driving courses are best used to clear civil traffic moving violations. Of course, taking a course will probably help you avoid incidents like this in the future, but only those with civil violations receive credit for the course. Just as your movie ticket tells you which theater to go to for your movie, so your traffic ticket will indicate if it is civil or criminal. Do not lose all hope, though. If you only have one criminal violation, a judge may let you attend this blockbuster event for credit.

Just as you can jump ship on a movie if the previews seem boring, you can avoid boring defensive driving courses too. All course standards are set by the Supreme Court, which means that any certified California defensive driving school will work for you.

The Improv Traffic school truly stands out, though. It is: affordable, been around for twenty years, has been recognized as the “Best Traffic School”

So far the teaser is pretty appealing; all this, and it is funny to boot. Applying for a course is easy, too. With a government ID, your citation and your court order, you can enroll in the California program online or over the telephone.

Traffic school is not the only thing made faster in California thanks to the internet. Even the California DMV is asking users to schedule an appointment online before going it to the office. If it makes the DMV faster, it should make traffic school quicker too.

Just as a famous movie reviewer would do, you can give two thumbs up to your online defensive driving school. The Improv Traffic school will help you clean up your California driving record and give you a good laugh while doing it.

There is Even More to Make Improv Traffic School Stand Out

Like other defensive driving schools, you will:

  • Help lower your insurance rates,
  • Avoid adding points to your license
  • Receive a good eduction

In addition, with this comedy traffic school, you can:

  • Take courses that are fast and inexpensive
  • Take online classes to fit any schedule

You can take a class before your kids are out of bed, or even between the commercial breaks on your favorite show. You can complete all ten lessons in as little as 5 minutes each. Read a section of text, watch an optional video if you like to better understand the lesson, then take a quiz. That is all there is to it. As soon as you finish your coursework online, your certification is processed the same day.

Safe Driving Can Be Fun

Everyone from policemen to insurance companies want drivers to be safe. At MyImprov.com, we want you to be safe too. That is why we have designed an exciting driving class for you. Our class will engage you on the topics that you need to learn. Instead of studying boring rules from boring DMV manuals, you will watch humorous videos of highway antics.

Convenient Online Defensive Driving by Improv

With our courses, you never need to worry about falling behind or being bored in a class that is too slow. Instead, you can study at your own pace. You will not have to slump in an uncomfortable classroom or worry about finding a course that fits into your busy schedule. Improv Traffic School only requires an internet connection. That means that you can study with us at your favorite coffee shop or in the comfort of your home.

Our course is quick, easy, and convenient. The sooner you start, the sooner you will be finished. Then, you can look forward to fewer fines, an improved driving record, and lower insurance premiums.

Driver Improvement Courses

Our courses may be called driver improvement, defensive driving, or traffic school. Regardless of the name that you use, these classes provide incredible benefits. After completing our fun online driving classes, you may be able to do any or all of the following:

  • Dismiss a ticket
  • Reduce or eliminate fines
  • Reduce points on your driving record
  • Replace positive points onto your record
  • Lower your car insurance costs
  • Refresh your driving skills to make you safer

Improv Traffic School

If you need to attend traffic school, Improv Traffic School may be right for you. At MyImprov.com, you can study when you want at the pace that you need. We have designed our courses so that you can complete them easily at your convenience.

California Driver Resources

California Driver Resources

California Driver Resources

Our Graduates Love Our Services

Countless drivers have completed Defensive Driving by Improv. These drivers loved how fun and efficient these courses are, and their wallets appreciated how affordable they are. Our driving school is perfect for drivers who want driving training that is fun, convenient, affordable, and efficient.

Improv Traffic School graduates enjoy all the benefits that come with completing a defensive driving course. Instead of gaining these benefits by sitting in a boring classroom at an inconvenient time with an uncomfortable group of strangers, our graduates learn using our exciting classes at convenient times from the comfort of their homes.

Our courses are tailored for your needs and enjoyment, but they also meet strict state standards. Other traffic schools make their students memorize facts and statistics. Unlike them, Improv Traffic School helps students to learn traffic laws and driving strategies in fun and friendly ways that are not based on memorization. Our graduates love our user friendliness and customer service. If you ever need support, we are available for you over email or phone.

If you are ready to improve your driving skills, reduce fines, eliminate tickets, or save money on insurance, Improv Driving School is ready to help. We look forward to entertaining you as you learn.

Our classes are online, available 24/7 and offer instant certification. We’ve helped over 2 million people to regain their licenses. Why not join them and enjoy yourself in the process?

California Driver Resources