Three Simple reasons: FUN, FAST, SIMPLE! But here are few more:
  • Only the Improv Traffic School can offer you traffic school courses that were developed with professional comedians and Hollywood writers to make traffic school fun - as well as educational.
  • Free Improv Comedy Club passes for two with your completion ($32 value)
  • 100% State Certified & Court-Approved
  • Free 7-day U.S. - based support
  • Members of both Better Business Bureau and BBB Online
  • Same day certificate processing and overnight delivery options available
  • Your course fee includes your certificate of completion mailed to you - AT NO EXTRA CHARGE.
These are just a few reasons why we were voted "Best Traffic School"
Yes. We are licensed by the California DMV.
To ensure that you are selecting the correct court, you can use this chart of court code numbers to find the county and, if necessary, the specific court that is handling your citation. This lists the court type as well as the address for easy reference.
Unless you were specifically directed to take more, you will just need to take the typical 8-hour class (which is really 6 hours and 40 minutes). However, because it's an online version of the classroom course, you can complete the material at your own pace as long as you complete at least one day before your court due date.
The fee that you paid the court was their administrative fee to hold your case open and process your traffic school completion. This is separate from our course fee. We do not receive any money from the court.
Yes, as long as you were not driving a commercial vehicle at the time your citation was issued. Note that after you complete the traffic school course and the court has closed your case, you'll need to call DMV Driver Safety Division at 916-657-6452 and inform them that traffic school has been completed and the court has removed the point.

About the Course

The course is designed to take 6 hours, 40 minutes and meets the requirement of an 8 hour traffic school course. You can complete the material at your own pace, and log out and log back in as often as you want.
Depending on your court's completion requirements we may be able to transmit a certificate on your behalf by next business day. If your court requires you to submit an original certificate, we recommend that you select an overnight delivery option at registration.
The course is designed to simply accommodate the most technically challenged. Our goal is to provide you with a fun, simple and effective course that is very easy to complete.
The DVD is course is easy! Just pop in the DVD, grab some popcorn and sit back! We are the only DVD course that's taught by a comedian. You will have fun while learning to be a better driver ...and it's easy! But before you order it please make sure that your Court has approved our home study video course. If you are not sure, our web site will guide you through the process. Once you select CA you will be asked which Court referred you. Only those course formats approved by that court are offered to you. The exact configuration of your course depends on which Court referred you. In some cases you will have 2 DVDs; in some cases you will have both a quiz and an exam. Regardless, as you watch the DVDs the instructor will give you the answers to validation questions that you must mark on an answer sheet as you go along (this is how the court is assured you watched the whole thing). Afterwards there will be a final quiz with multiple choice and true or false questions. Once you have completed the course and filled out the final quiz/validation form you simply mail it all back to us. We process your completion approximately 1 business day after receiving your package.

Tests and Quizzes

You have two attempts to pass the final quiz. The final quiz is all multiple choice or true/false questions based on the course material. You also have an option of printing the entire course chapters for open book review during the quiz. A passing grade on the final is 70% (18 out of 25).

Proof of Completion

For the Traffic Violator Course, we report electronically to the California DMV as soon as you pass the final quiz. This information is sent digitally to the DMV and they confirm their receipt by issuing a DMV Sequence Number - this is the number on the proof of completion document. On a daily basis, the courts retrieve the completion information from the DMV. The court will match up the information you entered during registration with the case information they have for you, and will update your case status. This can take up to two weeks. If your court has a case search, you may be able to look up the status of your case online. For the Teen Driver Education Course, the diploma that you can print at the end of the course is for your records. Your official Certificate of Completion will be mailed to you the next business day after you complete the course, so look for an envelope in the mail containing the official DMV certificate form. For the Mature Driver Insurance Discount Course, the official DMV Certificate of Completion will be mailed to you the following business day after you complete the course to the address you provided when you registered. Submit this certificate to your insurance agent to receive the auto policy discount.
We strongly suggest that you check with your court to make sure that the proper credit was posted against your case. Many courts would allow you to do this online or otherwise you would have to call the court. We recommend that you wait at least 10 days after your completion before checking with the court, to allow proper processing time. You're looking for a case status of "Dismissed" but your court may call it something different. If you are on a payment plan with the court, remember that you need to pay the fees completely before completing traffic school. If you complete the course before your final payment to the court, you may need to have the completion re-reported to the court. You can locate your court at

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